America Unhinged: Human rights activist Mariana Maritato says civilians are being assaulted with directed-energy weapons – Brighteon.TV

America Unhinged: Human rights activist Mariana Maritato says civilians are being assaulted with directed-energy weapons – Brighteon.TV

In 2016, U.S. diplomats stationed in Havana, Cuba complained about headaches, nausea, hearing loss and balance issues. Following an investigation, it was determined that they had been on the receiving end of an attack using directed-energy weapons that could cause traumatic brain injuries and possible damages to the central nervous system.

About three dozen people were affected by the attack, and their illness had since been called the Havana Syndrome.

In 2021, the Havana Act became a law. It authorizes the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of State and other agencies to provide payments to agency personnel who incur brain injuries from hostilities while on assignment. But human rights activist Mariana Maritato believes the directed-energy weapons are also being used against civilians.

“It’s not a conspiracy theory or anything like that. It’s actually been acknowledged by the U.S. government. But Havana Syndrome is only acknowledged so far in government employees and not in civilians,” Maritato told host Dr. John Diamond during the June 7 episode of “America Unhinged” on Brighteon.TV. “Civilians are also being assaulted with directed-energy weapons.”

A directed-energy weapon is a ranged weapon that damages its target with highly focused energy such as laser, microwaves and particle beams. The technology’s potential applications include weapons that target personnel, missiles, vehicles and optical devices. (Related: US Embassy in Vietnam warned VP Kamala Harris that she may have suffered a brain injury called HAVANA SYNDROME from secret pulse weapon.)

“The National Academy of Sciences says that it’s most likely caused by radiofrequency pulse weapons. And also the Director of National Intelligence report also says it’s most likely caused by pulsed radiofrequency weapons. And so it’s been highly acknowledged so far that the cause of Havana Syndrome is radiofrequency pulse weapons. There can be a variety of these kinds of weapons. They can be laser, ultrasound or microwaves,” Maritato said.

Government creates two investigation panels to find out more about directed-energy weapons

The U.S. government has set up two investigation panels to find out more about the technology behind the attacks. Renowned neuroweapons expert Dr. James Giordano, who is on one of the panels, has been talking about civilians that are being assaulted with these weapons.

Giordano said the components needed to build directed-energy weapons are not hard to find – and they’re not even that expensive. People can buy them for just $300 on the black market or even on the internet.

Maritato said this is already a global phenomenon and it’s about time to acknowledge that civilians around the world are exposed and vulnerable to these weapons. The human rights activist noted that an international class action lawsuit has already been filed in Belgium and nonprofit organizations around the world are working together to find out who is behind these attacks.

Many other experts have talked about the directed-energy weapons, including former Special Rapporteur for the United Nations Dr. Nils Melzer, National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblowers Dr. Bill Binney and Dr. Karen Melton Stewart, Dr. Robert Duncan and Dr. Nick Begich.

According to Maritato, Begich testified in front of the European Parliament with scientific evidence proving that directed-energy weapons are real. “He actually took one of those machines to demonstrate how the technology works,” she said. “These weapons can be used in many different ways and these technologies have enormous potential for harm.”

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