Top 10 “science” conspiracy theories in full effect right now

Top 10 “science” conspiracy theories in full effect right now

For decades, the skeptics of vaccines and pharmaceuticals have been hammered with the same old ‘mantra’ that everything created in a laboratory, since the 1950s, is “safe and effective.” Yet, we’ve all seen the damage done by vaccines, especially when you see how many young boys (at least 1 in every 60) are “on the spectrum” of autism, which mysteriously develops AFTER birth and mainly before 6 years of age, during the vaccine onslaught of 60-plus CDC-recommended toxic injections that are supposedly so “safe and effective.”

Top that carnage off with millions of adult Americans suffering from PDS (prescription drug syndrome), where they take multiple meds for multiple symptoms, each one addressing the side effects of the others, and these are the SICKEST people on the planet, until their (decades early) demise. There’s not even time to talk about the pharma-created and propagated opioid epidemic and all the conspiracy theories about those “safe and effective” prescriptions for death. Got PDS? You can blame the conspiracy theorists.

Conspiracy theorists call vaccines and prescription medications “safe and effective” because the CDC spreads that propaganda far and wide

Most of today’s “science” conspiracies have to do with medicine, namely vaccines, prescription drugs and chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is the mainstream medicine core route for battling cancer, yet chemotherapy has been PROVEN to spread the cancer and even create new cancers throughout the body. That’s why it is a conspiracy theory doctors and oncologists are spreading when they tell their patients that chemotherapy is their “best option” or that it has any decent rate of success at all, when it fails 97 percent of the time.

Even when chemotherapy does help cancer to recede, the cancer tumors usually come back with a vengeance a few years later, but the cancer industrial complex doesn’t justifiably attribute the nightmare relapse to chemotherapy. If they did, the world of chemotherapy victims would all be asking for a refund for $100s of thousands of dollars each.

The Earth is NOT getting hotter, and vaccines for COVID-19 are NOT safe or effective, those are just conspiracy theories

Every time there’s a tornado, hurricane, flood, tsunami, earthquake or drought, the climate change conspiracy theorists go wild, saying “see! — we told you so.” Yet, these events have been happening regularly on Earth since the beginning of time, and there are no more now than before, and it’s not hotter each summer, if you look at data that dates back on a big scale. NASA has been found guilty several times of cherry picking data, creating phony pictures, and minimizing charts to make it look like it’s getting hotter now than ever before.

That’s how the conspiracy theories get to whirling around in the wind (pun intended). People hear it on the fake news, and read it in the fake news newspapers. The propaganda is everywhere, and the same few politicians make a fortune off the “believers.” What’s new?

So without further adieu, here are the top 10 “science” conspiracy theories in full effect right now:

Conspiracy #1: Vaccines work to prevent contraction, transmission, and ‘bad cases’ of COVID-19.

Conspiracy #2: Masks work to prevent contraction and transmission of Wuhan Flu.

Conspiracy #3: Global warming is happening now and is man-made.

Conspiracy #4: Remdesivir is a viable option for treating COVID-19.

Conspiracy #5: COVID-19 vaccines are “safe and effective”.

Conspiracy #6: “Benefits outweigh the risks” when it comes to vaccines.

Conspiracy #7: “Green energy” means zero carbon output.

Conspiracy #8: Men can birth babies.

Conspiracy #9: A male can turn into a female and a female a male at any given moment just by thinking it is so.

Conspiracy #10: The only way to end the pandemic is to do follow the CDC’s advice, even though it completely changes regularly.

Don’t believe the CDC’s conspiracy theories. Do your own research and don’t use Google. Try the search engine Brave BETA and get more truth news and real information. Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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