Stanford says butchering and harvesting blood and organs from children can help adults achieve “immortality”

Stanford says butchering and harvesting blood and organs from children can help adults achieve “immortality”

Children who successfully make it out of the womb can still be slaughtered after birth for the benefit of the wealthy and the elite, who are reportedly trying to achieve immortality by consuming the blood and body parts of young people.

Stanford University researchers say that life extension could be as simple as harvesting the vital organs of kids and implanting them into old people who want to live forever rather than die as part of the normal life cycle.

According to Stanford researchers, cultures throughout time have “revered the young” for their ability to be exploited on behalf of the elderly. With today’s technology, this can mean harvesting the life essence of young people and transferring it to old people.

They tested this recently by “infusing cerebrospinal fluid of young mice into old mice,” which in turn “improves brain function” of the latter. Now, they want to do the same thing with human babies and children.

“The Stanford team infused fluid from 10-week-old mice into the brains of 18-month-old mice over seven days, and found that older mice were better at remembering to associate a small electric shock with a noise and flashing light,” reported the Telegraph (UK).

“Closer examination showed the fluid had ‘woken up’ processes which regenerate neurons and myelin – the fatty material that protects nerve cells within the hippocampus, the memory center of the brain.”

Will they soon release “anti-aging” drugs made from children?

A published study outlining this research explains that the future of “anti-aging” medicine will involve the use of children and babies, whose body parts and blood can help adults live longer lives.

Experiments that have already been conducted reportedly show that “young blood itself can reverse the aging process, perhaps even curing Alzheimer’s disease.”

The Telegraph calls this process “youth transplants,” claiming it “really can slow down the aging process.”

“The fountain of youth, it seems, is youth itself,” the paper tweeted.

“Historically, cultures have revered the blood of the young,” further tweeted Telegraph Life.

“It was even rumored that Kim Jong-il, the former North Korean dictator, injected himself with blood from healthy young virgins to slow the aging process.”

It would seem as though today’s “elite,” including in the West, are doing much the same thing. It was rumored to be happening behind the scenes, and now they are coming right out and admitting it, albeit through “science.”

Harvesting the blood and body parts of the young in the hope of achieving immortality has long been a familiar trope in horror novels and conspiracy theories,” the Telegraph further added.

“It may only be a few years before ‘youth transplants’ finally move from the pages of gothic horror novels into the clinic.”

In the comment section at Newspunch, one commenter pointed out that this all happened before and was prophesied to happen again, which it now is:

“As in the day of Noah … just another tribute to their ‘god’ Moloch.”

Another suggested that this is why the “elite” want to keep legalized abortion intact: to maintain a steady supply of youth “parts” to be turned into witches’ brews for longevity.

“So in other words, they need to kill our young or perform abortions to get their needed supply so they can live longer and do more harm,” this person wrote.

“They are attempting to invent their own version of eternity. I’m planning on living for eternity and the difference is I don’t need to take a young child or newborn life in order to do so.”

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