So it begins – Fights over food shortages have started in America: Just imagine the food riots when everything runs out

So it begins – Fights over food shortages have started in America: Just imagine the food riots when everything runs out

With tensions already strained over inflation, record high gas prices, massive food price increases, as well as shortages, with experts warning of more shortages upcoming, we see the “fights” over missing baby formula have begun.

(Article by Susan Duclos republished from

The short video below is of one woman taking another to task for stocking up on baby formula, clearing the shelves and filling her cart. This is just the beginning, as people get angrier and angrier at not being able to find formula to feed their infants while the Biden regime is stockpiling the product at the border for illegal alien mothers to feed their babies.

That confrontation was verbal, but as we have all seen when witnessing the food riots in other countries, a situation being seen in Sri Lanka right now, with rioters attacking police and burning down the homes of politicians, because of extremely high prices for food and gas, along with  severe food shortages, when people go hungry, when they cannot feed their families, things get very ugly, very fast.

Via Fox News:

Iranian state media has not publicly addressed the protests, but they have been covered by the National Council of Resistance of Iran, an opposition group. Footage shared by the NCRI shows protesters setting fire to a Basij military base in Jooneghan, a city in the Central District of Jooneghan county.


Iran abruptly raised prices as much as 300% for a variety of staples such as cooking oil, chicken, eggs and milk on Thursday. Scores of alarmed Iranians waited in long lines to snatch up bundles of food and emptied supermarket shelves across the country in the hours before the price hike took effect.

Anyone that thinks “It can’t happen here” is being willfully ignorant, because it starts with verbal confrontations, then grows into pushing matches, shoving, before outright fighting over products, which we have seen time and again with “black Friday” brawls in multiple states, different stores, almost every year.

That type of behavior is over Christmas gifts, not even food, and yet the images, the videos of the chaos, is a warning of how much worse it will get when it is food and basic necessities that are unaffordable completely unavailable.

The video below is a compilation from around 2016 of Black Friday craziness, one of the few that do not have “age restricted” access meaning you would have to go to YouTube to watch it.

This is just a reminder of how crazed people get over just gifts, so you can just image the chaos that will ensue when it is food, and survival at stake.


One of our readers who has often sent us images of different stores in Southern PA, and Northern MD, recently sent us another series of images from Giant in Red Lion PA, which will be shown below, and the following message was included.


I’ve been sending you photos of shelves in the local Giant Stores and Sam’s Clubs in Northern Maryland and Southern Pa.  I was shocked today when I went to the Giant in Red Lion just south east of York Pa.  There were so many empty shelves I couldn’t begin to send you all the photos I took.  I noticed many completely empty bottom shelves where the stock was just moved up to make it look like there was more product.  Here is a list of the items that had very low inventory.  I will send as many photos as I can from my phone but check out this list.  Giant is usually well stocked except for the items where there are shortages everywhere.  I felt like I was in a third world country.


Laundry Soap



Canned Fruit

Apple Sauce

Cooking Oil

Pasta Sauce





Frozen Vegetables – [Link to freeze dried – SD]

Snacks (chipsparty mix)

Catsup and Mustard

Refrigerated Juices

Milk [Link to powdered milk – SD]

Creamer [Link to powdered creamer – SD]

Orange juice

Cream Cheese

Bread Crumbs



Jelly and Jam

Frozen Breakfast Foods

Ice Cream

Baby Formula

Baby wipes

Pet Food

Kitty Litter

Because the list is long, I have [gone] ahead and linked to the online search pages and hyperlinked them to her email text, with just some of the images she sent over attached below.

Thinking here that ordering ice cream online may not be the best of ideas, so why not learn to make it ourselves.

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