RIGGED: Government spends $119 million for monkeypox vaccines following ONE confirmed case in US

RIGGED: Government spends $119 million for monkeypox vaccines following ONE confirmed case in US

In response to one confirmed case of monkeypox in the United States, the federal government has ordered $119 million worth of the vaccine from a Danish company.

The current monkeypox outbreak began in the United Kingdom in early May and slowly spread from there to other Western European nations and eventually to Canada. The outbreak is still small, with about 80 suspected cases, including one confirmed and one suspected case and another six people being monitored for symptoms in the United States.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed on Wednesday, May 18, that a man who had recently traveled to Canada was infected with the monkeypox virus.

The state agency said it was working with the CDC and local health boards to carry out contact tracing to try and get a hold of the outbreak, adding that “the case poses no risk to the public and the individual is hospitalized and in good condition.” (Related: US developing lethal, new genetically engineered viruses, including MOUSEPOX and MONKEYPOX… will these be used to demand MORE JABS in the name of “public safety?”)

Monkeypox has an incubation period of about two weeks. It can cause fever, body aches, enlarged lymph nodes and eventually the “pox,” or painful and fluid-filled blisters all over the hands, feet and face.

Some versions of monkeypox can be exceptionally deadly and kill up to 10 percent of the people it infects. But the current strain circulating around Western Europe and North America is considerably milder, with a fatality rate of less than one percent. Cases usually resolve within two to four weeks.

America could be flooded with over 13 million new vaccines

Following confirmation of the one case of monkeypox in the U.S., the government has ordered millions of doses of the smallpox vaccine, which is supposedly around 85 percent effective against monkeypox.

But scientists have warned that relying on smallpox to inoculate people against monkeypox can raise safety concerns.

“It’s a live virus,” said Jay Hooper of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infection Diseases, referring to the smallpox vaccine. “It can cause a deadly infection in people with severely compromised immune systems.”

Bavarian Nordic, a Danish biotech company that produces smallpox vaccines, recently announced that it won the $119 million contract from the federal government for the vaccines. This contract includes an option to buy $180 million worth of vaccines more.

Should this second option be exercised, the government would be purchasing approximately 13 million doses of the smallpox vaccines. The order calls for Bavarian Nordic to convert the smallpox vaccines into monkeypox vaccines by freeze drying them, giving them longer shelf lives. The converted vaccines will be manufactured in 2023 and 2024.

Bavarian Nordic is the government’s main supplier of smallpox vaccines, having worked with the federal government since 2003 to develop and manufacture them. To date, Bavarian Nordic has supplied the Department of Health and Human Services with nearly 30 million doses, not counting the recent order placed by the government.

The biotech company has also been contracted by another European country for smallpox vaccines.

“While the full circumstances around the current monkeypox cases in Europe remain to be elucidated, the speed of which these have evolved, combined with the potential for infections, beyond the initial case going undetected, calls for a rapid and coordinated approach by the health authorities, and we are pleased to assist in this emergency situation,” said Bavarian Nordic President and CEO Paul Chaplin in a statement.

Learn more about disease outbreaks in the U.S. at Outbreak.news.

Watch this clip from the “Stew Peters Show” as host Stew Peters and guest Dr. Jane Ruby talk about how the monkeypox outbreak is Dr. Anthony Fauci’s new gold mine.

This video is from the channel The Prisoner on Brighteon.com.

(Article by Arsenio Toledo republished from Citizens.news )

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