Quick Shot Of Heat To Roast 100 Million People In Northeast

About 100 million people in the Northeast will be blasted with a quick shot of heat and humidity this Saturday and Sunday. High temperatures are expected to range between the upper 80s and mid-90s from Ohio to Washington, D.C. to Baltimore to Philipehia to New York City. 

AccuWeather meteorologists say some cities in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast could see the hottest conditions since last August. In some metro areas, record highs for this time of year that have stood the test of time could be broken. 

Quick Shot Of Heat To Roast 100 Million People In Northeast

Daily record highs that have stood since the World War II and Great Depression eras will be challenged at a number of locations. At Philadelphia, temperatures could approach the record of 95 set in 1934 on Saturday. In both Raleigh, North Carolina, and Albany, New York, the daily records for Saturday, May 21, were set in 1941. The record in Raleigh is 96, while the record in New York's state capital is 91. -AccuWeather

Quick Shot Of Heat To Roast 100 Million People In Northeast

"Early season heat with likely record high temperatures will spread from the South into the Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast on Friday, Saturday, and perhaps Sunday," the National Weather Service said. The agency has issued a Heat Advisory along the I-95 corridor in the Northeast. 

Quick Shot Of Heat To Roast 100 Million People In Northeast

It's the first time since 2006 that a Heat Advisory for New York City has been issued for this time of year. Tomorrow, high temps in Central Park could reach 93 degrees, tying a record for the date. The quick blast of heat comes as temperatures in the urban park between the Upper West and Upper East Sides of Manhattan haven't even breached 80 degrees yet this year. 

"The brunt of it should just be a one-day thing ... at the minimum, we will be close to all the records in NYC," Matt Wunsch, a weather service meteorologist on Long Island, told Bloomberg.

Wunsch said it's difficult for temperatures in the Northeast to get so hot this time of year because the Atlantic Ocean water temperatures are still very cool. However, the heat is coming from Great Plains, where a megadrought continues to ravage the area.

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