Prudential Financial, America’s largest insurer, officially ends covid jab requirement… what do they know that they aren’t saying?

Prudential Financial, America’s largest insurer, officially ends covid jab requirement… what do they know that they aren’t saying?

(Planet Today) Starting on June 6, it will no longer be a requirement for employees to show proof of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” in order to enter the building of insurance giant Prudential Financial.

The company, which is America’s largest insurance carrier, announced via internal communications that effective June 6, it is “eliminating the COVID-19 vaccination requirement for employees, vendors, contractors, and visitors to enter Prudential facilities.”

“This decision was informed by multiple factors, including guidance from public health authorities, confidence in our other safety protocols and high vaccination rates among our employees,” the memo adds.

“It also aligns with current vaccination policies at most businesses and indoor venues across the U.S., including many of our industry peers.”

Employees at Prudential are still “strongly encouraged” to take the jabs, but they will not be penalized or restricted in any way if they choose to decline (this, many would argue, is how things should have been all along).

The new rules also apply to contractors and visitors of the Prudential building.

“Sounds like Prudential doesn’t see much benefit in mRNA vaccines for Covid,” writes Alex Berenson on his Substack.

“But what would they know? They’re only the largest American health and life insurance company by assets (second by policies written). Not like they have a lot of data to check.”

Is Prudential aware that fully jabbed people are getting sick and dying in droves?

Perhaps Prudential caught wind of the OneAmerica insurance company report revealing that death claims are up about 40 percent ever since the jabs were unleashed.

As injection uptake has increased, so have deaths, the data shows. Prudential probably knows about this and does not want to get caught in the fray of the backlash that could soon come once a critical mass of the population figures out the scam.

The problem is that up until June 6, Prudential will have been a co-conspirator to medical fascism. After all, most of the company’s employees are probably already jabbed because of its current and former policies.

“They know,” wrote someone on Berenson’s Substack about the situation. “The data on those who took the vax and those who took the vax and boosters is getting worse just as it’s been seen in the UK.”

“Now, my friend, a true believer in following the Democrat Party & Big Pharma line was bragging to me last week that he got the booster and ‘felt great.’ I knew not to say anything about the booster as that would only drive him to get it faster.”

This same commenter added that his friend became upset upon hearing the news from a European study showing that all-cause mortality is not reduced by the injections. And now that individual has the Fauci Flu, despite receiving all the recommended injections.

“I am not so sure that they know,” responded another. “I work for a life insurance company and senior management seems to be pretty oblivious as to what is going on.”

Someone else told a story about her quadruple-jabbed sister-in-law who now has covid for the second time, despite receiving all those injections. The woman reportedly said that she is still grateful to have gotten vaccinated and boosted because “otherwise it would have been so much worse.”

“She is a healthy 35-year-old woman and it took her more than 3 weeks to recover the first time,” the commenter added. “I’m pretty sure had she not been jabbed with those clot shots, Covid would have been a walk in the park for her the first time and she would have been immune and not gotten it a 2nd time in less than 5 months.”

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