Mayor of its Hometown Claims Göbekli Tepe May Have Been Built by Aliens

Mayor of its Hometown Claims Göbekli Tepe May Have Been Built by Aliens

While it seems all politicians will say anything to get elected and stay in office, some go a bit too far in this practice. Take Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, the mayor of Urfa – more formally known as the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality in southern Turkey. Mayor Beyazgül is aware that his fine city is best known for being the home of Göbekli Tepe (or Göbeklitepe), a collection of circular structures supported by massive stone pillars and believed to be the world's oldest known megaliths. Archeologists say the structures were built by hunter-gatherers of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic. Mayor Beyazgül says they were built by aliens. Wait … what?

Did somone call for a monolith bulder? 

“The statues in Göbeklitepe depict something other than humans. They seem to be coming from somewhere else. They remind me of aliens.”

Is the good mayor trying to get more aliens to vote for him? According to Hurriyet, Beyazgül was giving a speech about the biggest tourist attraction in his municipality and wanted to highlight the fact that the 12,000-year-old site still has many secrets to be solved. In particular, he was referring to the statues and pictorial reliefs on the pillars which show scenes of beings who are dressed in a manner that doesn’t always fit with the expected hunter-gatherer styles.

“The communities in a hunter-gatherer life hunted animals and used their fur as clothing. However, when we look at another monolith, we see that 3 bag figures used in the modern world are carved into stones. What was done with these bags and for what purpose they were used should be investigated. We can see the same bag tens of thousands of kilometers away.”

How could these Neolithic people 12,000 years ago have the same styles as other cultures thousand of miles away? What if those pictures are not of the hunter-gatherers themselves but of aliens in spacesuits with overnight bags or toolkits helped the locals build Göbeklitepe, leave some selfies in the pillars to remember them by and then head to another continent – perhaps to help build the pyramids? Archeologists confirm that these bag shapes do show up in faraway locations among diverse cultures. But …  are they aliens?

“People of the time wore peltries. But here, we see V-shaped motives. If the first humans wore peltries, who are these people?”

The clothes on the few humanoid creatures bother Mayor Beyazgül – they should be wearing animal pelts, not Star Trek-style  V-neck tops. But it’s the bags that convince him.

“Those purses are akin to the modern purses of today. If we think that those purses were made by the men of the time, we would be wrong. The probability of another living creature making that purse is more likely.”

Mayor of its Hometown Claims Göbekli Tepe May Have Been Built by Aliens

Why would aliens wear pelts?

“Another living creature “ … but not another living human? Most people who think aliens constructed or at least helped with Göbeklitepe look at the pillars as evidence – how did humans 12,000 years ago carve, transport and erect 6-foot-tall T-shaped columns weighing 20 tons? Remember, this was long before the pyramids and Stonehenge … both of which have their share of alien-assistance theories.

Does Urfa mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül really believe aliens built the monoliths that make his city famous? Or is he trying to increase the tourism business for Göbeklitepe by attracting alien hunters?

Is it an election year? 

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