Klaus Schwab’s WEF Police Appear to Detain Conservative Journalist in Davos

Klaus Schwab’s WEF Police Appear to Detain Conservative Journalist in Davos

The World Economic Forum has been making attempts to detain journalists in Davos with their own police force.

Conservative journalist Jack Posobiec was detained briefly before other journalists began filming the situation. Posobiec, who is affiliated with Human Events, captured his “detainment” on video and posted it on social media.

He can be seen outside a Swiss restaurant when officers wearing WEF uniforms surround him and order him to stop filming.

Family members of Posobiec began filming the incident, “getting in the faces” of the officers and asking them questions, Posobiec said in an interview posted online.

Washington Examiner report:

“The minute they realized that it was becoming more of a thing, that more journalists were starting to take attention of what’s going on, they immediately ran back into their police vans and took off within, like, 30 seconds of their arriving,” he said.

Posobiec was not given an answer by the officers when he asked if and why he and his crew were being detained, he said.

“They said something vague about, ‘Well, you’ve been out here for a while,'” according to Posobiec.

A member of the World Economic Forum police
A member of the World Economic Forum police

Officials also asked about Turning Point USA and wanted to see the crew’s footage in their van, Posobiec said.

“Never once did they actually explain to us why it was we were targeted,” he said. “I want to be clear on something: We had already given our names, our passports, and our press pass to the police, to the officials, about an hour prior to this happening, and the same lead officer came back with this new group.”

“To me, it says to me that they looked up who we are, and they specifically wanted to give us this higher level of detention because of who we are,” he added.

Posobiec appears to be in Davos to film content related to his book The Great Global Reset, and he ended his interview with a message for WEF founder Klaus Schwab.

“Mr. Schwab, we’re not going anywhere,” he said.

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