It’s really a pandemic of CONTROL over the people rather than one of a virus spreading

It’s really a pandemic of CONTROL over the people rather than one of a virus spreading

It can’t really be called a pandemic when less than half of one percent of people who catch the virus die from it, and 99 percent of those people are already dying from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, prescription drugs or dementia. Everyone else who supposedly died from Wuhan Virus SARS-CoV-2 died from something else, but the doctors and hospitals labeled their deaths “died with COVID” in order to obtain bonuses from the corrupt-to-the-core Biden Regime, who has colluded with Big Pharma to install a different kind of “pandemic” – the one of POPULACE CONTROL.

Let’s face it, the “pandemic” was engineered to steal an election, to crush the US economy, and to dismantle the Constitution, once and for all. Planned in laboratories for years, gain of function is not some term used to describe a virus in the wild. Gain of function means a virus was engineered to be able to transfer from animals to humans, when it previously did not and could not.

In Communist China, if you criticize the government in any way, you are thrown in prison and your organs are harvested for sale on the black market. There is no freedom of religion, or press, or speech, or right to bear arms (they have the strictest gun control laws on Earth). Did you know that before Biden stole the election, Chinese state media declared its support for the Democrats, as they are known to be communist sympathizers?

In fact, the Chinese Communist Regime caused the coronavirus pandemic. They are responsible for the crash of our economy, hundreds of millions of counterfeit mail-in ballots used to steal the swing states in the POTUS election, and the massive vaccine push that has killed more Americans than any pandemic that’s ever swept through this country. Let’s take a closer look at THAT.

The ultimate CONSPIRACY THEORY is that COVID-19 vaccines are “safe and effective”

The vaccine industrial complex loves to spew their favorite saying across all media all the time, “safe and effective.” You see it blasted across the CDC website right now. No mention of the millions of cases of myocarditis and blood clots all across the globe. No mention of the fact that the Wuhan flu shots have injured more people in just two years than all vaccines combined since their inception, just check the VAERS stats on that. The CDC is corrupt to the core and the fulcrum of the pandemic of populace control and population reduction.

Then there’s the cover stories for vaccine damage. They start with names like “Long COVID” and “Long Haul COVID” and even “Chronic COVID.” These mean long-term vaccine-induced damage. To say that the Fauci Flu shots are “safe and effective” is a conspiracy theory. It’s a conspiracy.

If you say any kind of vaccines are “safe and effective,” or print it, or even believe it, you are a conspiracy theorist. No vaccine has ever been proven to be safe or effective, by any means. Not in clinical trials. Not ever. There are no sources for this claim, besides the jargon of the mantra thrown around all over the place by the CDC. The truth of the matter is that vaccines are snake oil medicine, sold by snake oil salesmen, and backed by snake oil manufacturers, who cannot ever be sued in a US court of law (Congress approved this).

COVID-19 “vaccines” are snake oil sold by snake oil salesmen

Big Pharma owns and operates a snake oil manufacturing complex. That complex has laboratories all over the world, working right now on more “gain of function” gene-mutation injections that will sicken humans to the point of sure early death. People like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates are robber barons–people who become rich through ruthless and unscrupulous “business practices.” The COVID pandemic is the biggest business venture ever launched, and we’re only two years into it. How many graves will be dug for the victims of vaccine violence?

Bill Gates said it himself just a few years ago, that if we do a “really great job with vaccines and healthcare,” that we can reduce the world’s population by a few billion. How do vaccines reduce population? How does healthcare reduce the population? Have you thought about that yet? The Wuhan Virus vaccines cause severe blood clotting and that’s how millions of people are dying right now. Healthcare means subsidizing corporate drug dealers and coercing black people into getting abortions. You see? The pandemic is a pandemic of populace control and reduction. That is no conspiracy theory, because science is proving it. Read up on nanoparticles in Fauci Flu shots and you will know.

Keep your eyes open. Listen to the globalists tell you exactly what they are doing and how. It’s right in front of your eyes and it’s in your ears all day, should you listen to the mass media message. The conspiracy theorists always claim every vaccine is “safe and effective,” while they’re really deadly, population reduction mechanisms, just like cigarettes.

Do your own research, and do NOT use Google. Try the search engine Brave BETA and get more truth news and real information. Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental and dirty Covid “vaccines” that cause blood clots and other horrific side effects similar to the effects of snake venom. Again we must ask, how many graves will be dug for the victims of vaccine violence?

Lastly, if you got a COVID clot shot or two or three, here’s how you might know that you have blood clots caused by them. Watch this short video warning the world about the population reduction mechanisms called “vaccines” and how they commonly cause deadly blood clots. Here are the symptoms to look for:

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