It’s Kristallnacht again, as “our free press” ramps up its war on the “unvaccinated”

It’s Kristallnacht again, as “our free press” ramps up its war on the “unvaccinated”

Throughout the COVID crisis, academic “science” has efficiently pumped out a vast mass of bogus “studies,” “finding” feeble rationales for all the “COVID measures” that themselves have killed, injured and/or weakened exponentially more people than “the virus” ever did, or ever could. Such “studies” have presented “evidence” that lockdowns work, that masks and “social distancing” save lives, that safe, effective early remedies like HCQ and Ivermectin are unsafe and don’t work, and—above all—that “vaccination” is the only way to end the crisis; and, since “vaccination” started, scores of further “studies” have presented “evidence” that all those heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and cardiac arrests have possibly been caused by fish oil, red meat, hot weather, cold weather, environmental noise, sex, birth control, drinking too little alcohol, referees’ whistles, binge-watching TV, “heartbreak syndrome” (i.e., sadness), pizza margherita, and major political events, among other “risk factors” whose only purpose is to make us think it’s not the “vaccination” program that’s been stopping countless hearts day after day, throughout the world.

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The “researchers” producing such absurdities aren’t really scientists, just as the scribes headlining those preposterous claims for mass absorption through the media aren’t really journalists. All of them are only propagandists, variously paid to keep the rest of us obeying the “COVID measures” crafted not to “keep us safe,” but kill us off. In anticipation of the day when all those hacks are finally held accountable for what they’ve done, real researchers and journalists must now start to trace the funding for those “studies,” which had to have been started long before their “findings” were translated into headlines and sound bytes by “our free press.” Such research will help us grasp the scale and subtlety of that enormous (and ongoing) propaganda drive, and also help us name, and nail, all those responsible.

And when we finally do indict them for their crimes against humanity, let’s note, in particular, their ongoing incitement to genocide—a charge that’s just as relevant today, under COVID, as it was at the Nuremberg trials for the (mere) genocide committed under Hitler—mere genocide, because its targets were the Jews and other “unclean” or “subhuman” ethnic groups, whereas the target this time has been humankind worldwide. The slo-mo global slaughter going on today has been propelled, and people made to line up as its victims voluntarily, by propaganda crafted to destroy us in two ways.

On the one hand, there’s the propaganda tarring some of us as vectors of disease, and doing so as zealously—and pseudo-scientifically—as Hitler’s propaganda targeted “the Jews” and other Untermenschen for eventual extermination. Just as those propagandists cast “the Jews” et al. as lethal entities, whose typhus, TB, syphilis and (not least) “Jewish blood” were said to pose a mortal threat to “racial hygiene” throughout Germany and beyond, so have the COVID propagandists been defining the “unvaccinated” as so grave a danger to the “health” of the injected that they must be separated from society, whether sealed off under house arrest (as in Shanghai), or housed in concentration camps (as in Australia).

And yet those of us thus marked for relocation by such neo-Nazi propaganda aren’t the only ones at risk; for while that propaganda does conduce to putting us away (and maybe sooner than we think), its other, deeper purpose is to keep the “vaccinations” going, ostensibly to serve the greater good, but actually in furtherance of the democide that Gates et al. envision as the smartest way to “save the planet” for themselves. Thus the COVID propaganda now is even more destructive than its prototype in Germany, since it is meant not just eventually to finish off the “unclean” peoples of the world, but nearly everybody else as well.

This danger is becoming more explicit, as the true toll of this infernal “vaccination” drive becomes increasingly impossible to hide, and—therefore—“our free press” pushes ever more ferociously for something to be done about the scourge of “the unvaccinated.” This crypto-exterminationist hysteria has now been amplified by a new “study” groundlessly recycling the Big Lie that—to quote Salon’s phobic headline—”merely hanging out with the unvaccinated puts the vaccinated at higher risk.”

Here are two critiques of David Fisman’s heinous “study,” which Dr. Byram Bridle rightly tags as hate speech in academic-scientific drag. Below those two critiques is Salon’s slavering response to Fisman’s work. To get some sense of where we really are today, just do a Google search on “David Fisman,” “study” and “unvaccinated,” and you will see that “it” is happening here—and, as well, you’ll also see (I hope) that this is now the time for all the rest of us to stop it, making sure it never happens anywhere again.

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