Is the “Great Replacement” really just a “theory?” No – Americans really are being replaced with migrants

Is the “Great Replacement” really just a “theory?” No – Americans really are being replaced with migrants

In recent days following the horrific murders of mostly black Americans in Buffalo, N.Y., by a crazed lunatic with both left- and right-leaning political ideologies according to his manifesto, the Democrat propaganda machine driven by the disgustingly dishonest ‘mainstream’ media has begun to rip conservatives as well as notable figures like former President Donald Trump and Fox News host Tucker Carlson for allegedly pushing something called the “Great Replacement Theory.”

What the theory suggests is that the Democrat left has been using mass immigration to literally change the face of our country by watering down and eliminating the ‘evil white majority’ and replacing it with third-world poor migrants of color who will, theoretically, support Democratic policies that include welfare, dependency and a lack of upward mobility.

But while Democrats are attempting to claim the phenomenon is not only racist but untrue, the facts say otherwise, as The Daily Veracity notes:

American citizens had no say in the immigration act that was passed in 1965. Nevertheless, since the act was passed, the US has taken in nearly 100 million immigrants.

The immigration act, dubbed the Hart-Celler act, is the sole driver behind the population surge America has experienced since 1965.

Because of the Hart-Celler Act, the population of the US went from 225 million in 1960 to around 325 million today, and is expected to grow to over 400 million by 2050. Without the act, the population of America would have remained around 200 million people.

Actually, the American people did have a say — sort of. They elected the lawmakers who passed the act and the president, Lyndon B. Johnson, who signed it. But where the report is accurate is in suggesting that Americans were not told what the intentions were behind the passage of Hart-Celler: A literal replacement of the native-born, largely white population (and we will note that white majority countries in Europe are similarly under assault by mass migration). By comparison, there are no countries with a current brown, black, or Asian population under mass migration siege by white migrants.

This isn’t ‘racism’ or ‘bigotry’ it is simply the truth, no matter who says it — Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, or the lunatic who shot up the Buffalo grocery store.

If you doubt as much, then ask yourself why the Biden regime immediately (as in Joe Biden’s first day in office) reversed nearly all of Trump’s extremely effective immigration enforcement and border control policies, reversals that resulted in the easily predicted mass wave of millions of migrants over the past 14 months. And with the end of Title 42 pending, the invasion is only going to grow by leaps and bounds.

If the objective isn’t to replace the native-born, largely-white population, then what is the point of enabling mass migration into the country? If the objective isn’t to drastically alter our racial and ethnic makeup, as well as our culture, then can someone on the Democratic side of the aisle explain what is the purpose behind a borderless country? As Americans are suffering from dramatic spikes in the price of everything, as schools are inundated and overcrowded, and as public services are already stretched to the limit in most communities around the country — where is the logic in adding more people to the mix, if not to change the demographics and voting habits of our residents?

Of course, that is the objective — and it is one of the many reasons why the deep state plotted to overthrow Trump by stealing his reelection; they simply refused to let him delay their plans any longer.

The problem is, of course, you can’t talk about the reality behind this evil plan on most social media platforms or in the media because you’ll be banned, branded a racist bigot, or both. Another reason why the deep state is moving against Elon Musk is to prevent him from taking over Twitter, because of this same agenda.

We have to understand: Our country is under attack by our own people, far-left Marxist ‘revolutionaries’ who despise America as founded because you can’t control people who cling to liberty and freedom while cherishing individuality.

Vote accordingly.

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