Is Australia’s Dan Andrews trying to BAN food growing at home?

Is Australia’s Dan Andrews trying to BAN food growing at home?

(Planet Today) There is circulating information about new rules slated for passage in Victoria, Australia, that would allegedly make it a crime to grow food at home.

Premier Dan Andrews, who repeatedly flaunted his true fascist colors throughout the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic, is said to be behind a new amendment to the agriculture code that threatens to criminalize self-sufficiency.

Some reports are claiming that the legislative changes have already passed while others suggest that they are on the docket. Apex World News on Twitter wrote it as Andrews “is passing a bill” on the matter.

“The Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 has had its second reading in parliament,” the news outlet further reported. “Biosecurity is stated as the reason for the changes.”

Lying about covid vaccination status now said to be a crime with fines in Victoria

Apex is also reporting that increased enforcement of other Fauci Flu restrictions is now occurring in the same area of Australia, including massive fines for providing false or misleading information.

Based on what other reports are claiming, this false or misleading information pertains to one’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccination” status – meaning if a person lies about being injected, he could be charged a hefty fee by the government.

“Landholder consent is no longer required for Authorized Officers to take samples, stock (animals), and documents,” Apex added.

“Authorized Officers are no longer required to present identification. Heavy penalties for obstructing entry to the property.”

It sounds as though the plandemic is far from over in Victoria, and may only just be getting started. These are ominous reports that spell doom for many people in Australia.

“Who would support or vote for this?” asked someone on Twitter.

“Pure fascism,” wrote another.

Someone else suggested that a good government would be encouraging more people to grow food at home amid the current economic crisis with broken supply chains, food shortages, and other calamities all hitting at once.

“Australia has completely gone bonkers,” said another. “They blindly follow the WEF (World Economic Forum) order book for the Great Reset.”

Victoria Farmers Federation denies legislative changes, says “misinformation” is circulating online

The Victoria Farmers Federation (VFF), meanwhile, has issued a statement asserting that some of these claims constitute “misinformation.”

According to the farmers’ group, authorized officers will not, in fact, be allowed to undertake searches without a warrant or without landholder consent. They will also still be required to present identification, the group claims.

No mention was made, however, about the alleged ban on home gardening, so, is that part true?

As this story develops further, we will keep you abreast of the latest. You can also, if you so choose, take the time to read the text of the bill’s second reading on the Victorian Legislation website.

“Is this fair?” asked another Twitter user in a message directed at Andrews and several other Members of Parliament. “How does this promote a sustainable and holistic lifestyle?”

“It first became clear just how much of a ghoul he was during the COVID situation, but it’s actually worse than I thought,” wrote another. “Why are Aussies tolerating this?”

Someone else suggested that the food growing restrictions do not apply to domestic residences, and that circulating reports claiming otherwise constitute “false reporting.”

“This needs to stop,” suggested another about the constant government overreach into people’s private lives, including what takes place on their own private property. “They want to starve us, yes, all of us!”

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