Hunter Biden became a multimillionaire over the course of just five years, new analysis finds

Hunter Biden became a multimillionaire over the course of just five years, new analysis finds

If any of Donald Trump’s children behaved like Joe Biden’s depraved son, Hunter Biden, did, the so-called “mainstream media” would have a field day with them.

As it turns out though, Trump’s sons are decent, respectable, responsible men who are accomplished in their own right, so they would never behave like Hunter Biden in the first place.

Unlike Hunter, they didn’t become crackheads; they didn’t cavort with expensive hookers; they didn’t act inappropriately around minor girls; they would never take up with a deceased brother’s widow; and they didn’t need to make shady deals with shady characters associated with corrupt governments that could someday become enemies of our country by selling daddy’s name and access.

To that last point, Hunter Biden became quite wealthy, hauling in $11 million in just five years’ time, according to a new NBC News analysis — and all while Daddy Joe was serving as vice president to President Barack Obama.

What is actually even more noteworthy is the hard tone the usually friendly NBC News took with the corrupt first son:

“Biden and his company brought in about $11 million via his roles as an attorney and a board member with a Ukrainian firm accused of bribery and his work with a Chinese businessman now accused of fraud,” the report notes, adding:

The documents and the analysis, which don’t show what he did to earn millions from his Chinese partners, raise questions about national security, business ethics and potential legal exposure. In December 2020, Biden acknowledged in a statement that he was the subject of a federal investigation into his taxes. NBC News was first to report that an ex-business partner had warned Biden he should amend his tax returns to disclose $400,000 in income from the Ukrainian firm, Burisma. GOP congressional sources also say that if Republicans take back the House this fall, they’ll demand more documents and probe whether any of Biden’s income went to his father, President Joe Biden.

Some $5.8 million of Biden’s income, which constitutes more than half over the allotted timeframe, came from just two deals involving Communist Chinese interests. The most lucrative of those two was a pseudo-consulting gig with a once-very powerful Chinese businessman linked to the ChiComs who is now missing, Ye Jianming. His company, CEFC, paid out more than $4.7 million to Biden’s Owasco PC over the course of roughly one year. The Chinese businessman was eventually accused by prosecutors of having committed “economic crimes” in 2018 and he has not been seen in public since being detained. Think of that as you will.

“No government ethics rules apply to him,” Walter Shaub, a former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics who is now an ethics expert with the Project on Government Oversight, said. He added that “it’s imperative that no one at DOJ and no one at the White House interfere with the criminal investigation in Delaware.”

Shaub has raised questions in the recent past about Hunter Biden’s very lucrative “art” sales, which appear to be just another conduit for selling his name and access to his now-president father.

Also, according to Frank Figliuzzi, the FBI’s former assistant director for counterintelligence, there is a national security risk when the ChiComs are able to get close to scumbags like Hunter.

“It’s all about access and influence, and if you can compromise someone with both access and influence, that’s even better,” Figliuzzi said, adding: “Better still if that target has already compromised himself.”

In addition to spending lavishly on drugs and hookers, Hunter also became a party animal after getting a divorce, blowing vast sums of money on fancy hotels, cars and properties — all of which took their toll.

In fact, things have gotten so bad for the first son that Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris, who began advising Hunter in 2020, arranged to pay off around $2 million owed to the IRS — though experts say that he’s still not off the hook for any potential criminal liability.

Without question, Hunter Biden is a disgusting human being, a national security risk to our country, and a liability — all things Donald Trump’s sons never have been and never will be.

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