Ford's Electric F-150 Beats Cybertruck To Launch And Is Already Stealing Tesla Reservation Holders

Ford has officially beat Tesla to the electric pickup truck finish line. As the legacy auto manufacturer produces its first F-150 Lightning, the Cybertruck is nowhere to be seen.

Nicholas Schmidt of Standish, Michigan became the first owner, officially, of Ford's new electric pickup truck this week, a new Bloomberg report notes

And the best part? He had a reservation for both a Cybertruck and had considered a Rivian R1T. But the F-150 beat them both to his driveway, where it will replace his gas powered F-150.

He said of the Cybertruck reveal at the time: “Nobody could believe it because it was the ugliest thing they’d ever seen. But it was $100 and I figured, you know, what’s the worst that could happen?”

Ford's Electric F-150 Beats Cybertruck To Launch And Is Already Stealing Tesla Reservation Holders

He told Bloomberg: “When I bought the Tesla a few years ago, my family was real apprehensive, as farmers, just not buying into it. So when there were pickup trucks coming out that were going to be EVs, I said, ‘whichever one comes first, I’ll buy it.’”

As the report notes, it's a massive milestone for Ford, who is in the process of converting one of the world's most well known pickup truck lines to electric. The company sells about 900,000 F-Series trucks every year, accounting for more than $40 billion in revenue, the report says. 

Ford CEO Jim Farley has said the new electric pickup is reminiscent of Ford's days of rolling out the Model A. 

And there's no doubt whether or not the first pickup off the line is going to get the same treatment as Schmidt's old F-150.

“We live in the woods, and I’m looking at cornfield next to me here that was planted. We’ll be chopping wood and hauling stuff back and forth, as well as towing a trailer. We plan on using it as a truck,” he concluded.

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