Democrats continue shedding Hispanic voters as party goes “woke” and broke

Democrats continue shedding Hispanic voters as party goes “woke” and broke

Historically, most Hispanic Americans have voted for Democrats, which is why Joe Biden’s regime has essentially opened up the U.S.-Mexico border, to let in a flood of mostly Latin American migrants they hope to someday legalize.

But the reality is, the Democratic Party is increasingly being led by woke lunatics and economic illiterates whose policies are costing them Hispanic voters by the day.

If mostly socially conservative Hispanics aren’t leaving Democrats because of their genderless woke nonsense, they are fleeing to the GOP because Bidenflation is wrecking their households, as Reuters reported this week:

Ricardo Aguirre sits near his two taco trucks and laments the soaring cost of tomatoes, onions, meat and cilantro, which have doubled in price in recent months, hammering his Phoenix-based catering business.

Aguirre, 43, usually votes for the Democratic Party. But with inflation hitting a 40-year high in February he has a stark warning for Democrats as they seek to keep control of the U.S. Congress in November’s elections.

“If the Republican Party has something better to offer us, I will vote Republican,” Aguirre told the newswire, adding that he believes Republican lawmakers and leaders are better economic managers whose policies will begin to lower inflation.

Aguirre runs Tamales y Tacos Puebla from the heavily Hispanic Alhambra neighborhood. There, talk of skyrocketing food and fuel prices, as well as for a range of other common-use commodities, is beginning to dominate conversations, Reuters noted.

The newswire also reported that of 35 Hispanics who spoke to Reuters in two toss-up races in Arizona and Colorado, 20 of them including Aguirre said they are considering switching parties in the fall thanks to never-ending spikes in inflation.

According to a recent Axios/Ipsos poll, inflation is now the top concern among Hispanics (as well as Americans generally), as higher prices for everything act as a new Democrat-imposed tax on consumers.

Also, “a Quinnipiac University poll published on April 13 found that just 26% of Hispanic voters approved of Biden’s job performance, the lowest mark of any demographic,” Reuters noted.

It’s just another sign of Democrats, long-term, losing more Hispanic votes.

“Inflation has affected us a lot. I’m willing to change my vote,” retiree Jose L. Mendez, 66, told Reuters.

Jaime Regalado, professor of political science at California State University, Los Angeles, and an expert on Hispanic voting patterns, told the newswire that ever-rising inflation is a backbreaker for Democrats this fall.

“We are coming into a midterm cycle that rarely favors the party in power, even in better times. Throw inflation into the picture, without knowing if it’s going to end any time soon, it shows the peril Democrats have in 2022 with Latino voters,” he said.

Daniela Castro Tobar, 19, from Platteville, Colo., north of Denver, voted for Biden in 2020 and said she considers herself a liberal. But she said the prices she and her family are having to pay is making her reconsider support for Democrats.

“I’m very open to either party right now. We’re all suffering right now, we’re all dealing with inflation,” she said.

Meanwhile, the ‘wokeness’ of the Dems is also driving socially conservative Hispanics away from the party.

“[E]ven Democratic pollsters agree Hispanics have become less dependable to vote Democratic — becoming true swing voters. And the trend to vote Republican and feel comfortable in the GOP nest is growing,” former Democrat Leticia Muñoz, a member of the executive committee of the Republican Party of New Mexico, wrote in February as she noted more Hispanics in her state were switching to the GOP.

“Why? Radical extremism. While for years Hispanics have voted Democratic, they don’t identify with the party or the direction it is going — further to the left,” she wrote.

Also, believe it or not, illegal immigration is driving American Hispanics to the GOP, as they become increasingly fed up with open border policies.

The crazier the Democratic Party becomes, the more Hispanics it will lose.

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