COVID-19 vaccines contain a virus far deadlier than SARS-CoV-2

COVID-19 vaccines contain a virus far deadlier than SARS-CoV-2

Most of the vaccine deaths recorded by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in more than three decades happened last year following the rollout of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

There had been various reports of healthy people, including athletes, dying after getting vaccinated – but mainstream media and social media platforms are intent on censoring them. There had been talks about nanotechnology, the use of spike protein, graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide and all sorts of things. About a year ago, glyphosate – a weed killer – was found in the vaccines.

This led many to suspect that big pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer are introducing something into the vaccines that are designed to cause detrimental effects to the body. It’s almost like there’s a sleeper cell in the body that can be triggered based on the chemical ingredient in the vaccine.

In his podcast, Dr. Rashid Buttar warned his viewers that there are things being introduced to the human body by the COVID-19 vaccines that should never be introduced in the first place. “If your immune system is intact, you should be confident that you don’t have anything to worry about because you don’t have that massive payload that’s being introduced into your body,” he said.

Unfortunately, billions of vaccinated people around the world can no longer say that their immune system is intact.

According to Buttar, there’s something within the vaccines that are considered a bioweapon as it can create a signal that will release the “payload” within its hydrogel component.

One of the payloads could be the Marburg virus, which mimics hemorrhagic fever. The Marburg virus has a 22 to 90 percent mortality rate, although Google suggests it has an 88 percent mortality on average. This means that for every 100 people in the population, 88 will die. This will result in millions of people dying worldwide.

In other words, COVID-19 vaccines contain a virus that is far deadlier than SARS-CoV-2.

“We’re talking not hundreds of thousands, but millions and millions of people worldwide,” Buttar said. “When you’ve talked as much as I have about this issue and tried to warn as many people as I’ve tried to warn and they still do it, at a certain point, you say, ‘there’s only so much I can do.'”

WHO set to take global control in case of health emergency

Once the Marburg epidemic begins, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization will assume control – leading to even more danger. As millions of people are set to die, the WHO and the CDC will take over and control the narrative.

This is especially concerning considering that the WHO is set to vote on amendments to the international health regulations (IHR). When passed, the WHO director-general will become an effective dictator in case of a health emergency.

The amendments state that the WHO director-general no longer has to consult with anyone, including the Emergency Committee, in declaring a health emergency when it occurs. And countries deemed to be in a public health crisis will have to be in lockstep with the WHO regulations. Government policies will be minimal under these new laws, which can be enacted upon the approval of a simple majority of 194-member countries.

There are also worries that WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus will act in the interest of the “Great Reset.”

World Economic Forum Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab has said that the COVID-19 pandemic is a “rare but a narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world.”

In early 2022, the U.S. submitted a number of amendments to the IHR. The amendments serve to give away the sovereignty of the states and empower the WHO to restrict health-related rights and freedoms.

The amendments also show that the WHO wants to do more than advise member countries. It wants complete control as it seeks to enforce an authoritarian, one-size-fits-all approach to world health.

Watch the video below for more about the dangers of getting injected with COVID-19 vaccines.

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