CNN Sounds the Alarm: “How Are We Going to Brainwash the Public with Elon in Charge?”

CNN Sounds the Alarm: “How Are We Going to Brainwash the Public with Elon in Charge?”

CNN has sounded the alarm about Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, warning that the mainstream media will no longer be able to effectively brainwash the public if free speech is allowed by the Big Tech platform.

While discussing the Musk take-over with Brain Stelter, “media analyst” David Zurawik declared that Musk is “dangerous” and shouldn’t be allowed to restore free speech on Twitter

Zurawik urged the U.S. to look to Europe, which has recently brought in new laws to limit social media, and even threatened to arrest Musk if he doesn’t censor users.

“There’s a bigger problem here about how we’re going to control the channels of communications in this country,” Zurawik angrily declared.

“This is dangerous! We can’t think anymore in this country!” Zurawik said, adding “I’m serious! We don’t have people in Congress who can make regulations, that can make it work.”

“I think we can look to the Western countries in Europe for how they are trying to limit it. But you need controls on this.”

“You need regulation. You cannot let these guys control discourse in this country or we are headed to hell,” Zurawik further suggested.

“We are there,” he added, warning that “Trump opened the gates of hell and now they’re chasing us down.”

“We gave over what amounts to our airwaves or our internet waves to Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, and we are in so much trouble because those guys believe in making money.”

Watch: reports: Zurawik repeated a talking point that Hillary Clinton raised last week, championing Europe for cracking down on ‘disinformation’:

And now, just a week later, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has rolled out a literal Ministry of Truth, headed up by a deranged partisan who truly believes that anything she disagrees with is hate speech.

Musk was exactly right when he declared that the Democratic Party “has been hijacked by extremists.”

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