Clockwork: Musk facing allegation of sexual harassment days after declaring he’ll vote “Republican”

Clockwork: Musk facing allegation of sexual harassment days after declaring he’ll vote “Republican”

Billionaire Elon Musk used to be a center-left Democrat but because the party has gone insane with ‘wokeness’ and intolerance, he now finds himself more center-right and prepared to vote Republican for the first time in his adult life.

He said as much on Twitter, the platform he seeks to purchase, just last week and in doing so, also made a prediction that the personal attacks on him would begin in earnest.

Musk was right (because he knows the left’s playbook).

“In the past I voted Democrat, because they were (mostly) the kindness party. But they have become the party of division & hate, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican. Now, watch their dirty tricks campaign against me unfold,” he wrote, adding a bag of popcorn emoji.

And right on queue, the attack began.

His electric vehicle company, Tesla, was removed from S&P 500 ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Index “because of issues including claims of racial discrimination and crashes linked to its autopilot vehicles” Reuters reported.

That led Musk to respond: “Exxon is rated top ten best in world for environment, social & governance (ESG) by S&P 500, while Tesla didn’t make the list! ESG is a scam. It has been weaponized by phony social justice warriors,” Musk said in one tweet after the announcement. “[email protected] has lost their integrity.”

Next, a flight attendant who was hired as a contractor for the corporate jet fleet of Space X said that Musk exposed himself to her years ago, touched her, and offered to purchase a horse for her in exchange for an erotic massage, according to left-wing establishment site Business Insider.

“Where were these wild accusations against @elonmusk before he took a stand against the establishment?” one twitter user said, which caught the attention of Musk and garnered a response.

“Exactly,” he said. “And, for the record, those wild accusations are utterly untrue.”

The billionaire wasn’t done.

“But I have a challenge to this liar who claims their friend saw me ‘exposed’ – describe just one thing, anything at all (scars, tattoos, …) that isn’t known by the public. She won’t be able to do so, because it never happened,” he said.

“Moreover, the ‘friend’ in question who gave the interview to BI, is a far left activist/actress in LA with a major political axe to grind,” he added.

He also noted that he did not respond to the request for comment from Business Insider because “it was clear that their only goal was a hit price to interfere with the Twitter acquisition. The story was written before they even talked to me.”

The report said that he paid the accuser $250,000 and had her sign a nondisclosure agreement, but Ben Shapiro of “The Daily Wire,” himself an attorney, said “That amount of money for a settlement of this sort is absolutely de minimis, and everyone who understands corporate law knows this.

“In other words, when you sue one of the most valuable people on earth and get a settlement of $250,000, that’s nearly always just the guy getting rid of something he considers a nuisance, not an admission of guilt,” he said.

If all of this does not prove yet again that the left, not the right, is the faction hell-bent on the destruction of our constitutional system and our society in general, nothing will.

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