Buy a pair of Levi’s, help murder an unborn child

The “Unzipped Staff” at Levi Strauss & Co. just announced that every purchase of Levi’s jeans from here on out will help pay for some woman’s abortion.

Buy a pair of Levi’s, help murder an unborn child

(Planet Today) Levi’s employees who work in states where abortion becomes illegal or inaccessible will now be reimbursed for “healthcare-related travel expenses for services not available in their home state, including those related to reproductive health care and abortion.”

“There is also a process in place through which employees who are not in our benefits plan, including part-time hourly workers, can seek reimbursement for travel costs incurred under the same circumstances,” the announcement further explained.

Levi’s claims that the “pandemic” already “clearly” showed the world that “public health issues are workplace issues.” Now, those issues extend to abortion on demand in light of the Supreme Court’s impending ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Business leaders are responsible for protecting the health and well-being of our employees, and that includes protecting reproductive rights and abortion access,” Levi’s said.

Women who murder their unborn babies are more successful, Levi’s says

According to the company, reproductive “health care, including abortion, has been a critical factor to the workplace gains and contributions women have made over the past 50 years.”

In other words, since being allowed to terminate the lives of their unborn children legally, women have achieved massive “success” in the workplace as opposed to in the home.

To deprive women of the “right” to murder their unborn babies would set them back by “jeopardizing that progress and disproportionately affect women of color, putting their well-being at risk and impeding diverse hiring pipelines.”

Translated into layman’s terms, Levi’s is concerned that black women will have to start delivering their babies as opposed to ending their lives inside the women. Notice that Levi’s is only concerned about black women having babies, and not white women.

The reason for this is that abortion has always been rooted in eugenics, meaning it is a tool to eradicate certain racial groups. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was obsessed with stamping out blacks, calling them “human weeds” that need to be culled.

Does Levi’s support this same eugenics agenda? It sure sounds like it, based on the “women of color” rhetoric from its Unzipped Staff.

The entire announcement leaves one with the impression that Levi’s wants its dark-skinned female employees to be able to get abortions as easily as possible, which is why the company is now paying for their travel and accommodations to make that happen.

Just like the “Black Lives Matter” psy-op, this new focus on abortion is another attempt at dividing America based on race while pushing an agenda that ultimately harms the very people it claims to support.

“If Roe is overturned, abortion restrictions in 26 states would immediately go into effect, in some cases making abortion illegal at any point in a woman’s pregnancy,” wrote Chris Pandolfo for the Blaze.

“Levi Strauss & Co. joins Amazon, Yelp, Citigroup, and other companies that have announced abortion benefits plans in recent weeks in anticipation that some states will enact new restrictions on abortion.”

Amazon, by the way, is the second-largest employer in America, and it is promising to reimburse employees up to $4,000 a year for traveling expenses to get an abortion.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) introduced a bill this week that would prevent companies like Levi’s and Amazon from deducting expenses related to abortion benefits, as well as those for “gender-affirming care.”

“Our tax code should be pro-family and promote a culture of life. Instead, too often our corporations find loopholes to subsidize the murder of unborn babies or horrific ‘medical’ treatments on kids,” Rubio said.

“My bill would make sure this does not happen.”

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