Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ Plans To Freeze Bank Accounts Until You Delete ‘Unapproved Opinions’: Former Intelligence Chief

Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ Plans To Freeze Bank Accounts Until You Delete ‘Unapproved Opinions’: Former Intelligence Chief

Former Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has warned Americans that the Biden administration’s “Ministry of Truth” is laying the groundwork to freeze US bank accounts in the name of protection against misinformation. 

Don’t be surprised if the Department of Misinformation freezes your ATM card until you delete your unapproved opinions,” Grenell wrote. “Democrats are weaponizing government agencies with reckless abandonment.”

The move by the Biden administration would echo the authoritarian maneuvers deployed by the Trudeau regime earlier this year in response to the Freedom Truckers Convoy. Trudeau’s Emergency Act, invoked on Feb. 14, stipulated that “a bank or other financial service provider will be able to immediately freeze or suspend an account without a court order.

The invocation of the Act was met with outcry by freedom-loving Canadians and members of Parliament who decried it as unjustified and unconstitutional. Now it appears the Biden administration is moving to invoke similar powers in the US.

The White House has already made an attempt to collect bank account information from Americans last October, through a directive to the IRS. According to a report from ABC News, the Biden administration had to back down “on a controversial proposal to direct the IRS to collect additional data on every bank account that sees more than $600 in annual transactions.”  

The Biden administration only backed down “after widespread criticism from Republican lawmakers and banking industry representatives, who said the tax enforcement strategy represented a breach of privacy by the federal government,” according to the ABC report. 

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) said at the time: “So how long is it gonna take for them to say, ‘Well you know we need a little bit more information because we really can’t make much of this.’ Then they’re going to want individual transactions and who knows what.” 

Now, Biden’s new Disinformation Governance Board (DGB), also known as his “Ministry of Truth,” has come under criticism from the mainstream press including the Wall Street Journal, who are comparing it to the KGB, the authoritarian secret police of the Soviet communists.

The dangers of the DGB will be amplified if it becomes the tool of partisan political actors. And it already has. Executive director Nina Jankowicz… has said: “Unless we mitigate our own political polarization, our own internal issues, we will continue to be an easy target for any malign actor—Russian or Iranian, foreign or domestic—to manipulate.” 

Yes, you read that right. We must all fall in line because of the many grave threats—domestic as well as foreign—out there. Incorrect political opinions become a national-security threat. The DGB already looks frighteningly similar to the KGB. 

LifeSiteNews report: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said of the of the new department in a press conference in April that it would help to “address unauthorized terrorism, other threats and see how disinformation and misinformation is being pushed to lead to increase those.” 

The Canadian government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used just such a pretext to justify freezing thousands of bank accounts in order to end the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa earlier this year. 

As LifeSiteNews reported in March, Ryan Schwartz, acting director-general of the cybersecurity branch of Canada’s Department of Public Safety, said that “‘an area worth examining’ from the ‘recent blockades in February’ are the effects ‘of misinformation and disinformation which can cascade across social media platforms.’”

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