Apple Reinstates Mask Mandates For Employees In 100 US Retail Stores

Even though the ineffectiveness of face masks has now been established, Apple has decided to reinstate a mask mandate on its retail employees.

Apple Reinstates Mask Mandates For Employees In 100 US Retail Stores

Employees at around 100 stores will be ex pected to go back to wearing a mask while working, due to a rising number of Covid cases across the US according to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman.

Technocracy News reports: Customers who visit an Apple Store are not required to wear a mask at this time, but Apple is continuing to recommend masks for all ‌Apple Store‌ visitors.

Apple has been shifting its operating policies throughout the pandemic to keep in line with local regulations and to mitigate risk for employees and customers in areas where COVID is spiking. Apple stopped requiring masks in March when COVID levels were lower, and masks still aren’t required for employees in all locations.

In addition to requiring masks for retail employees at some locations, Apple today told corporate employees that they must go back to wearing masks when in common areas. Apple is also maintaining its two day in-office work week for corporate employees for the time being, and will delay going to a three-day work week.

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