Pfizer docs: Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine can damage the immune system

Pfizer docs: Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine can damage the immune system

Dr. Naomi Wolf, one of the people combing the recent batch of Pfizer documents released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), found that the company actually knew the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine of its fellow Big Pharma company Moderna can damage the immune system.

In the April 19 episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show,” the host explained that Pfizer indicated in the documents that 100 micrograms of Moderna’s mRNA vaccine is enough to damage a person’s immune system.

In a clip from “The War Room” with Steve Bannon, Wolf explained that Pfizer knew Moderna’s vaccine destroys lymphocytes or suppresses them. Lymphocytes are white blood cells or helper cells that help with immune response.

This suppression could explain why vaccinated individuals are the ones that are getting sick and the ones who are getting infected with COVID. The internal documents showed that the trials were abandoned due to its reaction, and those who got the vaccine have had their immune systems compromised.

Early in the pandemic, Wolf said they have seen the data of people’s immune systems clearly being damaged due to the suppression of the immune system. (Related: Pfizer, FDA knew their COVID vaccine causes immunosuppression, ADE, VAED.)

“If any vaccine had one percent of what these vaccines have done, they’d have been pulled and said to dangerously do more harm than good,” Armstrong said. Instead, Big Pharma execs and health officials are encouraging more shots.

“And because of your immune system being brought down, if you have a weakness, somewhere, health-wise, you might not even know you’ve had this weakness because your body is doing fine. But when you lower that immune system, all of a sudden, a weakness hit you like people were getting heart conditions,” Armstrong went on.

The 100 micrograms of mRNA lipid nanoparticles, which are now known to be dangerous, go to a person’s bloodstream. When injected, people feel joint pain, muscle pain, extensive fevers and even cardiac problems as a result of different dosages.

Armstrong said what’s even more problematic is that the FDA is pushing to give these dangerous vaccines to children, “despite knowing what they knew about the vaccines and knowing that the COVID-19 virus in itself is not dangerous for children.”

EU warns against too many shots, too soon

While the U.S. is forcing vaccines on everyone as early as age five, the European Union warned against too many shots, too soon. Regulators said too many COVID-19 vaccine boosters could affect the immune system, exposing people to even more illnesses. Countries are told that they may want to leave more time between shots and to make sure that they are given out during specific cold seasons.

There is not a lot of information so far about the Moderna vaccine – after all, the documents studied were from Pfizer.

Another prominent figure in the fight against the vaccines, Dr. Peter McCullough, previously said he is so confident about the different doses at this stage that he would testify in court against the vaccine manufacturing companies because their data had been clear that they were not giving out the same doses for everyone.

Pfizer and the FDA knew that the vaccines are failing; that their efficacy is waning. However, they are still pushing these vaccines despite all the data. Scientific evidence proved that the vaccines have done more harm than good as people are still getting sick with COVID, and will continue to do so if the rollout of these vaccines continues.

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