Global INTOXICATION explains the FALL of humanity

Global INTOXICATION explains the FALL of humanity

Humanity is intoxicated to the point of suicidal collapse.

Note the word root “toxic” found in the word “intoxicated.” It doesn’t just refer to consuming alcohol, but to a long list of behaviors, substances and desires that turn off rational thought and thrust people into bad decision making.

Here’s a short list of intoxication vectors affecting humanity right now:

  • Money (blinds people to rationality)
  • Medications (especially psychotropic drugs)
  • Social media (begging for likes)
  • Cult acceptance (LGBT cults, etc.)
  • Sex (addition, power, perversion)
  • Water supply (fluoride, other toxins)
  • Electropollution (5G, wifi, broadcast signals)
  • Air (aerosolized toxins, chemtrails)
  • Food (pesticides, GMOs)
  • Alcohol (addiction)
  • Recreational drugs (addiction, dumbing down)
  • Television (opiate of the masses)
  • Technology (blind worship of tech as your god)
  • Power over others (the power to control people)

Most of humanity is preoccupied with these intoxicating substances, dynamics and powers, rendering them unable to process the reality of the world around them. As a result, they are not preparing for the global food scarcity and debt bomb collapse that are both being engineered.

Mass intoxication is also accomplished through the catapulting of lies by the corporate media. In essence, this is a kind of sorcery that makes people believe they are seeing things that don’t exist. For example, the entire corporate media ran with the covid-19 psychological terrorism campaign, convincing people to mask their children, shut down their businesses and be afraid to go outside (for nearly two years in some cases).

That’s the power of spellcasting and sorcery by the corporate media. Such spells can be incredibly intoxicating to people who are desperate to conform, as they will reject reality but accept delusions as long as those delusions are popular (and socially approved).

Human civilization as we know it will FALL

There is no escaping the ramifications of this global intoxication. Human civilization as we know it has become dysfunctional, mentally ill and self-destructive far beyond the point of no return. Now, we are witnessing the collapse unfold each day, only able to watch in horror as once-civil society breaks down into lawlessness, left-wing pedophilia, corporate-funded child grooming (Disney), rigged elections, weaponized depopulation “vaccines,” unbounded money printing, food scarcity, inflation and civil unrest.

The end point of where this is headed is not in question: Global uprisings, civil unrest, violence, revolutions and the fall of nations. Global depopulation is already under way and will accelerate rapidly. Those who are living in delusional fantasy land rather than preparing for reality will be very unlikely to survive the chaos that’s coming.

In order to adapt, we must maintain our presence of mind… and that means eliminating exposure to toxins

As I explain in today’s podcast, we must eliminate our exposure to toxins in order to maintain the presence of mind that will get us through these unprecedented — Biblical — times.

Fortunately, we have that choice. We can choose to stop consuming tap water, pesticide-sprayed foods or toxic medications. We can turn off the TV, stop watching toxic CNN and move away from the worship of materialism or technology. (And don’t get sucked into a virtual reality artificial world, either.)

We can all make choices to clean up our minds and our bodies, leading to greater clarity and more rational decision making that automatically improves sustainability and survivability.

Make no mistake, however: We will still be surrounded by intoxicated lunatics who are only capable of acting with a sense of destruction and madness. Thus, we must take every effort to physically distance ourselves from their “zombie hubs” (i.e. Democrat-controlled cities) so that we do not find ourselves overrun by their expanding arcs of destruction.

In a post-collapse scenario, the lunatic, unprepared masses will turn into raging, violent zombies, and they will rampage across cities and suburbs like locusts, pillaging everything in sight and leaving behind a swath of death and destruction.

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