Covid “vaccines” can take a year (or more) to kill off their victims

Covid “vaccines” can take a year (or more) to kill off their victims

Proof has emerged showing that death from Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” is not always an immediate thing.

Dr. Avindra Nath, a physician from the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) who cares for the vaccine-injured, said he personally knows of a previously healthy 61-year-old man who died about a year after getting injected for the Fauci Flu.

Within days post-injection, the man developed severe neuropathy. And over the course of the following year, his body gradually clotted up before he suffered a massive stroke and perished.

The NHS knows about this case but still refuses to acknowledge it – or any of the other cases just like it, for that matter.

“The coroner confirmed the vaccine caused the death,” reported Steve Kirsch.

“This man was perfectly healthy before the vaccine and his health changed just days later with symptoms consistent with vaccine injured. The blood clots in the autopsy are unique to COVID vaccine recipients and not seen in prior years.”

People everywhere say fully vaccinated friends and family members are suddenly dropping dead

Chances are that the NHS will never report this death publicly. The government-run “health care” system will probably also never admit that COVID injections cause any health problems at all.

To confess this would be to confess that the jabs never should have been released in the first place because they are dangerous and ineffective at preventing disease – though it can take a while for the adverse events to appear.

“The bottom line is this: the ‘death window’ for the vaccine isn’t days or weeks; it’s at least a year and possibly more,” Kirsch said. (Related: COVID “vaccines” also cause AIDS)

“So just because you got your vaccine and are still alive 3 months later, it does not mean that you’re out of the woods.”

Kirsch asked his readers to report any cases they know of in which a person died from the jab(s) more than a year after getting needled. The following are some of their stories.

One person wrote that he knows of at least four men, all in their 40s and 50s, who suddenly dropped dead at some point after getting injected. Another wrote that her 41-year-old son was previously in good health but suddenly dropped dead from cardiac arrest after getting jabbed.

“He had two Pfizer shots in the past year,” the mother further wrote. “The coroner report indicated his heart was seriously enlarged.”

Another woman named Margaret wrote that her fully vaccinated friend, who was 43, died on April 15, 2022. The friend was found dead in her bed, and the autopsy report said it was caused by a heart attack.

“She had gained weight and had high blood pressure,” Margaret explained. “When do you see 43-year-olds die in their sleep from a heart attack?”

Someone else wrote that her previously healthy 60-year-old cousin suffered a series of mini-strokes after her Fauci Flu injections. Several other family members, also jabbed, suffered even worse outcomes.

“My aunt had her health ruined from stroke and inflammation of arteries, and had to sell her house,” this person wrote. “My healthy 85-year-old uncle dropped dead, presumably after his booster shot, while visiting his family.”

“My mom’s partner had cognitive impairment and died in the hospital three weeks after reluctantly getting his second shot. Another relative developed sudden stage 4 pancreatic cancer while my friend’s fiancé suffered seizures that his doctor blamed on anxiety over the wedding.”

“No one connects the dots but it is pretty obvious,” this same commenter concluded about all of the incidents. “Never had this much illness in family, ever. None of them had COVID, but after the injection a few got it.”

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