CNN Moderator Opens World Government Summit By Asking ‘Are We Ready For the New World Order?’

CNN Moderator Opens World Government Summit By Asking ‘Are We Ready For the New World Order?’
While the mainstream media, fact checkers and the government claim the New World Order is a “conspiracy theory,” world leaders and business magnates are holding meetings where they openly discuss it.

For example, the World Government Summit 2022 was held in Dubai on March 29 and 30. In the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the imminent arrival of the New World Order was discussed openly by mainstream media and business leaders from around the globe.

CNN moderator Becky Anderson opened the summit and barely thirty seconds had passed before she asked the question, “Are we ready for the New World Order?”

Klaus Schwab approves

The summit aims to ‘shape the future of governments‘ and ‘create a better future for humanity’.

Key globalist figures at the summit include Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, Kristalina Georgieva, the Director of the International Monetary Fund, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and WHO chief Tedros Gebreyesus.

Schwab said at the 2022 World Government Summit that “we know that global energy systems, food systems and supply chains will be severely affected.

Biden announces New World Order

Government officials and even presidents from countries such as the United States, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Sweden, Jordan, Japan, South Korea, Rwanda, Morocco and Uganda were also present.

Just last week, US President Joe Biden announced the arrival of the New World Order. He said the US should lead it.

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