CLONE WARS: Inside the blood of the mRNA vaccinated, toxic spike proteins are causing tissue damage FOREVER

CLONE WARS: Inside the blood of the mRNA vaccinated, toxic spike proteins are causing tissue damage FOREVER

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) never told Americans that spike proteins are pathogenic proteins that continue to be created forever, so everyone being “inoculated” with mRNA technology will have billions of toxins in their bloodstream their entire lives, according to viral immunologists.

Another myth spread by the CDC is that mRNA injections stay in the shoulder muscle, but scientific data reveals otherwise. In fact, the toxic spike pathogens circulate throughout the entire vascular system, accumulating in organs in high concentrations, according to Japanese researchers. That means that long after COVID-19 and all its variants are gone, the “vaccinated” victims’ body will be at war, battling the spike protein clones that are STILL being churned out because these people’s cells have new instructions to do so, and forever.

Antibodies target the entire mRNA spike proteins throughout the body, so the immune system is under ATTACK everywhere, all the time, possibly forever

If you’ve been vaccinated for Wuhan virus, then there is a Civil War going on constantly inside you, and your blood vessels and organs are the battlefield. Antibodies are targeting toxic spike proteins that clog the heart, the cleansing organs and even your brain. The immune system is being overworked, constantly, while chronic inflammation ensues, driving health issues through the roof, especially preexisting ones.

Spike proteins are like microscopic bioweapons. Your body is CLONING OUT all the copies of these bioweapons, from the inside, so there’s a Clone War battlefield raging inside your own blood. Booster shots will pour gasoline on that fire, like dropping bombs in the middle of the battlefield during the fighting.

Scientific Fact: mRNA invades the cell nuclei and alters chromosomes during transfection

Many vaccinated patients have been lied to by their doctors and nurses, mostly by handed down and regurgitated CDC misinformation about how mRNA really works. People just can’t fathom how much destruction is going on inside their blood due to the gene therapy injections. When transfection occurs, and it does happen, the mRNA invades the cell nuclei and alters chromosomes. Recent research is proving this is happening with liver cells.

A recent Swedish study, published just last year, revealed that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine goes into the LIVER cells and changes into DNA. This annihilates claims that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines “do not change” or “interact” with your DNA in any way. How many times have we all heard that?

All those so-called “fact checkers” have now been fact checked themselves, and they’re lying also. This means there is permanent chromosomal change happening that can drive new chronic diseases we’ve never seen before. In other words, the mRNA invades the nucleus of cell and transfection occurs, then it can churn out the toxic prion clones PERMANENTLY.

Spike proteins are pathogenic proteins that damage the body when they get into the blood circulation. Scientists have known this for years. Now we know for sure the Fauci Flu stabs don’t stay in the muscle tissue, they travel throughout the body, invading organs, and altering human DNA, permanently, in the worst possible ways. In other words, Clone Wars from COVID-19 gene therapy injections are real, and nobody comes out on top except Big Pharma and Big Government. Got prion disease? That’s mRNA at “work.”

Being injected with COVID mRNA “vaccines” is like constantly creating armed BANK ROBBERS inside the bank that holds your money

The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are designed to enter your cells and instruct them to create spike proteins that resemble toxic virus coatings in order to trick your immune system into believing it’s under attack by a deadly virus. At no point does mRNA tell your cells to STOP producing these toxic virus-mimicking particles, so the invasion is relentless and never ceases, which means your body is under constant attack by these virus-looking “clones,” and possibly forever. This also means those spike proteins clog the vascular system, cleansing organs, and even the brain with microscopic blood clots that are under attack from your own immune system. Your body is stuck in “fight or flight” mode.

Now imagine if, inside a bank’s vault, a machine was creating robots that look like humans with weapons, and they just keep walking out into the bank’s lobby, scaring everyone inside to make them believe there is a violent robbery taking place, while crowding the bank so badly that it can no longer function properly, or even at all. The alarms are sounding, the people inside are panicking and none of the employees can do their job properly, as long as the fake robbery is underway.

To add to the chaos, this is happening throughout the body, as if every functioning organ is a bank, and they are all under siege. That’s why perfectly healthy athletes are dropping to their knees on the courts and fields and clutching their chests, saying they can’t breathe. That’s why healthy pilots are crashing planes at rates like never before. That’s why so many military members object to being injected, as they are witnessing this carnage first hand among their peers, who are suffering from the internal spike protein Clone Wars.

Don’t let your body become an experimental battlefield for the Clone Wars. Natural immunity is the strongest and longest lasting, and will serve you best. Look into supplements and superfoods that boost your natural immune function. Nobody needs billions of toxic clone particles floating around in their blood forever. Just say no to mRNA Clone War injections.

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