Are the US-funded Ukrainian biolabs linked to COVID-19?

Are the US-funded Ukrainian biolabs linked to COVID-19?

New evidence has emerged suggesting that Metabiota has been developing biological weapons under diplomatic cover and selling pandemic insurance and pandemic trackers to “help countries get ahead of what they are putting out.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola, in a piece published at LifeSiteNews, expands upon Metabiota’s many connections to key players involved in plandemics, including the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic. What he uncovered demonstrates why the word plan belongs in plandemic.

“The links between Metabiota and several key players in the COVID pandemic and/or the Ukraine labs story are manifold, so there’s no really simple way to unravel it in a logical sequence,” Mercola explained.

One place to start is with Metabiota’s mission statement, which reveals how the company provides “data, analytics, advice and training to prepare for global health threats and mitigate their impacts.”


Metabiota also helps “decision makers across government and industry” estimate and mitigate pandemic risks, as well as supports “sustainable development” goals, which seemingly have nothing to do with pandemic risk management.

It turns out that the concept of “sustainable development” was developed by the infamous Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF). It ties in with Schwab’s plan for a global “great reset” and transhumanist revolution, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“It’s not surprising, then, to find out that the founder of Metabiota, Nathan Wolfe, not only has close ties to the WEF, but is also a rising star there,” Mercola wrote.

The plandemic rabbit hole goes deep

Metabiota, as well as Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, partnered with USAID’s Pandemic Threat Program (PREDICT) to identify viruses with pandemic potential. The company is funded by a cohort of questionable entities, including Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca investment fund.

Central Intelligence Agency venture capital firm In-Q-Tel also funds Metabiota, as does the Global Virome Project and the Department of Defense‘s (DoD) Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

Then there is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Jeffrey Epstein and other prominent names, all of which also have their hands in the pot.

Wolfe, it turns out, is suspected to be directly connected to the Fauci Flu plandemic, which is also now being traced to the infamous Ukrainian biolabs that appear to be at least part of the reason why Russia invaded Ukraine.

The web of lies runs deep, but in a nutshell, it appears as though Metabiota, the Ukrainian biolabs, Gates, Schwab and many others are all directly involved in a global plandemic racketeering scheme.

These entities, with the help of American taxpayer dollars, have been funding the development of deadly bioweapons that often “escape” and wreak havoc for the general public while enriching said entities through drug “cures,” “treatments” and other government interventions.

There is a lot of money to be made in war, and the war on COVID (or Ebola, or H1N1, or whatever other scary disease gets released at any given time) was no exception. Now, the evidence seems to show that the dozens of Pentagon-run biolabs in Ukraine may also be a component in the scam.

“Interestingly, Metabiota is also financially backed by Hunter Biden’s investment company, and let’s not forget that young Biden also collected a six-figure salary from a Ukrainian gas company for doing literally nothing, other than supplying his ‘powerful name,'” Mercola wrote.

“Circumstantial or not, it just doesn’t look good. And, by now, it should be crystal clear that any lab doing defensive work is equally capable of churning out offensive weapons. Debating that point is just silly, as it all boils down to semantics.”

For a deep probe of the matter, check out Mercola’s full article.

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