11-Year-Old Girl From Brazil Died Four Days After She Was Threatened and Forced to Take COVID Vaccine

11-Year-Old Girl From Brazil Died Four Days After She Was Threatened and Forced to Take COVID Vaccine

A young girl from Londrina, Paraná, Brazil died four days after being forced to take the Covid-19 shot.

Izabella da Silva, 11 years old, died on April 8 after she took the experimental Covid-19 shot. According to State Deputy Ricardo Arruda, the school pressured and threatened the young girl.

The school reportedly told Silva that a complaint will be filed against her parents to the Guardianship Council, and she would be removed from them if she won’t take the vaccine.

Izabella took the vaccine on April 4. She began to experience severe headaches a few days later and died on April 8.

Brasilsemmedo reported:

[Translation] According to reports, the girl would have been threatened by the direction of the school where she studied. The school’s management reportedly said that if Izabella did not get the vaccine, her parents would be reported to the Guardianship Council and she would be removed from her parents, informed state deputy Ricardo Arruda (PL-PR).

Izabella received the vaccine on April 4, a few days later she began to experience severe headaches, and died on April 8, just four days after the vaccination.

In a video posted on his social networks, Deputy Arruda says that the Public Ministry of Paraná issued a letter aimed at all schools, demanding that parents of unvaccinated children be reported to the Public Ministry. The letter was written by the promoters Suzana Lacerda, Joselaine Andrade Serra and Révia de Paula Luna, from Londrina.

Ricardo Arruda denounced the case in a speech at the State Assembly.

“Izabella, a healthy girl, without any comorbidity, in perfect health, her parents did not want to vaccinate her, but the school’s management pressured her, threatening to make a complaint to the guardianship council, as directed by the Paraná Public Ministry, that she could lose their parents”, said the deputy during a speech to the Legislative Assembly of Paraná.

“The parents did not want to vaccinate the child – look what they did – they took her, the school board and said that, if she was not vaccinated, her parents would be reported to the Guardianship Council, as directed by the Public Ministry. You could lose your parents, they told her. The child came home terrified and asked her father to release her to vaccinate”, says the deputy, who keeps in touch with Izabella’s parents”.

“Is there proof that it was the vaccine?” asks the deputy, then responds that there is not yet, as the exam takes four months to be ready. Then, quoting doctor Roberto Zeballos, the public is informed that, according to data from the CDC and FDA, American entities, the survival rate of children infected with covid-19 is 99.99%, while the adverse effects of vaccination are known, among them, myocarditis.

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(Article by Jim Hoft republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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