Vaccine program’s TRUE goal: Weaken the population

Vaccine program’s TRUE goal: Weaken the population

There’s a meme spreading around the internet of people showing the number of vaccines they have been given throughout their lives. The oldest was a woman in her 70s who said she had two vaccines. The youngest is still a child, who has had up to 98.

Kate Dalley, who was guest hosting the “Alex Jones Show” on March 24, asked a painfully obvious question: How is it that a woman in her 70s is still alive and standing when she’s only had two shots?

At a time when sanitation is best in the United States, the government and Big Pharma introduced a massive vaccine program. Why?

“Because we believed it,” Dalley said. “We always felt like everyone else was getting polio, so we needed to be part of this and do this. People were flocking to go get these shots, not really realizing that it was only one percent that it was really affecting.”

She went on: “We had pharma come in and interject a vaccine program that weakened us. And that was truly the goal of the vaccine program.”

Three common concerns when vaccinating children

There is a fear among parents about children’s vaccine schedules being so intricate and burdensome to the point that it reads like a tax code. There had been three common concerns when it comes to vaccinating children:

Children receive too many vaccines. A hundred years ago, children were only vaccinated to prevent one disease: the smallpox. This means they received only one dose in their first few years of life. Today, however, children receive vaccines to prevent 14 types of diseases, and they can be inoculated with as many as 26 vaccines early in life, sometimes around five at a time.

Children are too young. As soon as they are born, babies are bombarded with about 100 trillion bacteria living on people’s skins as well as on the linings of their nose, throat and intestines. Each of these bacteria contains around 2,000 and 6,000 immunological components, for which children should make an immune response. Big Pharma taught people that if they fail to immunize children, these bacteria could enter their bloodstream to cause harm. According to Big Pharma, children are immunized to “protect” themselves from diseases that occur early in life despite the fact that they have an immune response from the moment they are born.

Vaccines are not always necessary. Many also forget that vaccines are not always necessary. Viruses and bacteria such as measles, mumps, chickenpox, influenza, rotavirus, tetanus and whooping cough are still common enough that it could be risky not getting the vaccines against them. But there are also vaccine-preventable diseases that are extremely rare, such as rubella, Diptheria and, as Dalley pointed out, polio – which has been almost completely eliminated in the United States.

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