US ‘Deep State’ Using Birds for Biological Warfare and to Spread COVID, Russia Tells UN

The United States government has covertly spread COVID around the globe using birds and bats, according to bombshell testimony given by Russian officials at the United Nations on Friday.

Russia’s UN ambassador, Vasily Nebenzya, also claims that the U.S. ‘Deep State’ is aiding and abetting Ukraine in using bats, birds and fleas to manufacture even more deadly biological weapons to use against undesirable nations and people.

Nebenzya presented evidence that the US was involved in a biological warfare programme with Ukraine, at the meeting of the UN Security Council.

He said that the aim of the programme was to look at ways for “migratory birds” to spread dangerous diseases.

“There was another project where the vectors or potential agents of biological weapon, bats were considered amongst priority areas for study,” he said.

“They include the bacterial and viral pathogens that could spread from bats to people such as plague, leptospirosis, as well as … coronaviruses.”

“Experiments were being conducted to study this spread of dangerous diseases using ecto parasites such as lice and fleas,” he added.

Nebenzya’s claims that birds are being used as weapons to spread diseases might explain a “mysterious” phenomena that began in 2019, where unprecedented numbers of migratory birds were reported as dropping dead out of the sky.

According to NPR, as many as one billion birds may have died in a single year just months before the pandemic officially began.

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