The US Dollar is in Great Peril – Biden’s Actions Are Destroying It – The World Is De-Dollarizing – Will Have Major Implications for All Americans

The Biden gang is destroying the US dollar.  This one action may have more significant economic implications than any of Biden’s actions to date. 

Economists have been warning about this for months.  The increased spending under the Biden Administration has decreased the value of the dollar.  This and other actions by the Biden regime have led other countries to look into currencies other than the US dollar (USD).  We’ve written about this extensively at TGP.

In another excellent video, George Gammon explains that the dollar as we know it is in its end game.  As the US increased spending under Biden, the dollar lost its value.  This impacts countries like China who buy oil in USD.   The Chinese buy less oil for the same amount of dollars because the dollar is worth less.  Biden has forced China to look for other ways of purchasing oil and other goods.

This is leading the world to de-dollarize.

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