Police Bust Massive Human Trafficking Ring at Disney World, Pedophiles Arrested

Police have arrested more than 100 people including Disney employees as part of a massive human trafficking operation in Florida, according to authorities.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd announced the arrest of 108 people on Wednesday as part of “Operation March Sadness 2,” a six-day undercover operation that targeted pedophiles working at Disney World, Florida.

One of the Disney employees was a 27-year-old man who worked as a lifeguard at Disney World’s Polynesian Village Resort, Judd said.

The alleged pedophile sent sexual images of himself and graphic sexual messages to an undercover detective who was posing online as a 14-year-old girl, Judd said.

NBC6 report: Another Disney employee arrested was a 24-year-old man who worked at the Cosmic Restaurant. Other Disney employees arrested were a 45-year-old IT worker and a 27-year-old software developer, Judd said.

Four arrests of this magnitude in a week is simply remarkable,” Judd said at a news conference.

As part of the operation, detectives identified prostitutes who posted online advertisements as well as the “johns” who were seeking out the prostitutes online.

Detectives then sought to identify and free any victims who were being forced into prostitution or human trafficking, or anyone participating in the trafficking of victims, Judd said.

Detectives also identified and investigated adults who engaged in online sexual communications with those they believed were children, Judd said.

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