Loch Ness monster hunter records first sighting of Nessie in 2022

Loch Ness monster hunter records first sighting of Nessie in 2022

A Loch Ness monster hunter has recorded the first sighting of Nessie this year, writes the Mirror.

Eoin O’Faodhagein is an experienced hunter of the Loch Ness monster who regularly records his sightings via a webcam set up on the lake. On March 23, while looking through the footage, he noticed something inexplicable.

According to the man, these were two objects that were moving parallel to each other. He himself claims that he saw evidence of the existence of a monster, but netizens believe that the observer confused Nessie with a log or some kind of garbage.

“The more northerly object turned sharply to the left, leaving an unusual trail. It is definitely not a log or some kind of debris, ”concluded Eoin.

Gary Campbell, who has recorded more than 1,136 alleged Nessie sightings over the past 26 years, said the mythical monster usually starts to show signs of activity in the spring.

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