‘Kingsman’ Actor Taron Egerton Collapses on Stage During First Night Performance

Kingsman and Rocketman star Taron Egerton collapsed on stage during his first night performance on Saturday at the Ambassadors Theatre in London.

Egerton was performing a new play of Mike Bartlett’s 2009 play Cock when he fainted.

Immediately after the incident, a doctor who was in the audience rushed in to check on Egerton.

Yahoo reported:

Taron Egerton worried the audience of his new play after collapsing on stage midway through the performance.

The Rocketman star, 32, was performing a new production of Mike Bartlett’s 2009 play Cock alongside Jonathan Bailey when he passed out.

According to crowd members at London’s Ambassadors Theatre, one of Egerton’s co-stars stopped the opening night performance and a safety curtain went down, leaving the audience sat around waiting for an update on his health.

On Twitter, an audience member said that a doctor from the crowd rushed to the stage to help him.

After a 40-minute break, in which the production team “assessed the situation”, the play’s director, Marianne Elliott, came on stage to reassure revellers that Egerton was “absolutely fine”.

However, Elliott said that his understudy, Joel Harper-Jackson, would continue in his place for the remaining 15 minutes.

Audience member Sue Nelson wrote on Twitter that the news that Egerton was alright received “huge applause”.

On Sunday, Egerton gave an update on his Instagram story, “I am completely fine. Slightly sore neck and a bruised ego but I’m fine.” He claimed that the electrifying performance caused him to collapse.

“I am completely fine. Slightly sore neck and a bruised ego but I’m fine. I’ve decided to put a positive spin on it and I would appreciate it if anyone who was in the theatre last night just said that I gave such a committed, electrifying performance that my body couldn’t handle it and checked out. That being said, apparently you’re meant to actually do the full show and not just three quarters of it. So I’ll be back with a vengeance tomorrow night,” he wrote.

(Article by Jim Hoft republished from TheGatewayPundit.com/)

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