It’s Clear the Situation in Ukraine Was Desperate a Week Ago and Is Getting Worse – What Is Zelensky’s Plan?

(Planet TodayWhat really is the situation in Ukraine and what is Zelensky’s plan? 

On March 4, more than a week ago, the situation in Ukraine did not look good.  Russia is “a bigger country” as noted by Kamala Harris, and they were invading the “smaller country” Ukraine.  The media reported then and still does on the slow movement of the Russian forces.  But what is the truth?

On the 4th, US General Douglas Macgregor gave Stu Varney his assessment of the situation in Ukraine.  The Conservative Treehouse reported then:

Appearing on Fox Business with Stuart Varney (Friday, 3/4/22), retired Colonel Douglas Macgregor provides a different take on the current situation in Ukraine; a perspective that takes a more pragmatic and realistic view of the situation.  Putin appears to be successfully working through a methodical plan and strategy, despite western media trying to frame the great Ukrainian resistance effort.

As noted by Macgregor, there’s nothing heroic about Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy sticking to the pro-NATO position within the Ukraine Russia conflict.  A more pragmatic approach would be for Ukraine to declare itself neutral in the geopolitical contest between NATO and Russia thereby diffusing the issue that motivates the conflict.

On March 6th the maps showed Russian presence in Ukraine with the caption that the Russians do not ‘control’ the territory.

On March 8th here was the situation in Ukraine. This map shows Russian movements.

The map below shows the territory under Russian control on March 8th.

Here is the picture from 13 hours ago. Realistically, the Ukrainians are in a dire situation.

This map from Syria shows Russian dominance in Eastern Ukraine as of yesterday.

Ukraine is obviously in a terrible situation.  It has been this way throughout history.  They are now the battleground between East and West again.  This time the East is Russia and its close ally China and the West is backed by globalists with aspirations of their own.

What is Zelensky’s plan?  Every day his citizens are dying.  Ukraine cannot defeat Russia on its own.  Is Zelensky holding out for the West to support him – something that hasn’t happened to date?

Is Ukraine waiting on the billions now promised to Ukraine from the US – billions to God only knows who?  Who is giving Zelensky advice?  Who will be receiving that money?  Are the Bidens getting a cut as they did in the past?  Are others connected to Ukraine receiving chunks of this money – the Clintons, Pelosi, Kerry?  Are they telling him to hold on for the money?  Zelensky is a true patriot who loves his country but what are his realistic options?

Maybe time will tell.  But we sure won’t get the truth from this media.

(Article by Joe Hoft republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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