Elon Musk Challenges Vladimir Putin for ‘Single Combat’ with Ukraine as the Prize – Russia’s Space Agency Responds and Calls Musk “Weakling”

Tesla billionaire and SpaceX founder Elon Musk took shots at Vladimir Putin on Monday, challenging him to ‘a single combat’ with Ukraine as the prize.

In a viral tweet, Elon Musk challenged the President of Russia for a duel where the winner will take Ukraine.

Musk then tweeted a follow-up post tagging the Kremlin official account questioning whether Putin “accepts this fight.”

“I hereby challenge Vladimir Putin to a single combat, stakes are Ukraine.” Musk tweeted, adding, “Do you agree to this fight? @KremlinRussia_E”

Vladimir Putin did not respond but the head of Russia’s Space Agency called Musk “a little devil” and “weakling” and fighting with Musk “would only be a waste of time.”

The Western Journal reported:

In a tweet, Musk identified Putin through his Cyrillic-language name, offering a challenge for Ukraine.

Some criticized Musk for reducing the tragic war to what they say is a joke or a meme.

In response, Musk reiterated that he is 100% serious.

Putin didn’t respond to Musk’s challenge, but the head of Russia’s space agency, Dmitry Rogozin, responded to Musk tweet’s, suggesting he was too much of a “weakling” to fight Putin.

Rogozin quoted Russian poet A.S. Pushkin to pour cold water on Musk’s challenge.

“You, little devil, are still too young, to compete with me, weakling. It would only be a waste of time. Overtake my brother first.”

(Article by Jim Hoft republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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