Bitter John Bolton Is Still Out Attacking Trump: “Putin Saw Trump Doing a Lot of His Work for Him”

John Bolton continued his ridiculous attacks on President Trump this week on the talk show circuit.

Bolton was fired by President Trump in his first term. Trump blamed Bolton for bad advice and said back in January 2020, “If I listened to him, we would be in World War Six by now.”

President Trump was the first president of the new century to not start any new wars for America. This really irked the neocons who consistently leaned on Trump to launch bombing campaigns in the Middle East.

On Wednesday Bolton told Julie Mason on SiriusXM that the reason Putin did not move to invade Ukraine was because not because Trump was a tough America-first leader but because, “Trump was doing a lot of his work for him.”

What a ridiculous statement.

Via The Hill on MSN.
Former national security adviser John Bolton said Wednesday that one of the reasons that Russian President Vladimir Putin did not move to invade Ukraine during former President Trump’s term in office was that he saw “Trump doing a lot of his work for him.”

He said in an interview on SiriusXM’s “Julie Mason Mornings” that he thought maybe in a second term, Trump would “make good” on his “desire to get out of NATO,” which would then ease Putin’s path forward.

Bolton said he believes that the Russian president thinks “a weaker NATO” equals a “stronger Russia.”

He made similar comments during a Washington Post Live event on Friday, saying that Putin was “waiting” for a possible United States withdrawal from NATO and that former Trump would have likely made such a move had he been reelected.

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