Antifa Militants Surround Lt. Nathan Sheppard After Shutting Down Portland Police Press Conference on Deadly Mass Shooting (VIDEO)

The Portland Police’s press conference on Saturday night’s deadly shooting involving Antifa was shut down by Antifa on Sunday.

One woman is dead and five others are injured in a mass shooting involving Antifa militants Saturday night.

According to reports, armed Antifa terrorists gathered at Normandale Park Saturday night for an anti-police protest in response to the sentencing of Kim Potter.

Antifa members were also protesting the officer-involved shooting death of Amir Locke during a no-knock warrant a couple weeks ago.

Details of the shootout are unclear and the names of the victims have not been released.

Antifa on Sunday hijacked the press conference and chased police away before they were able to release information about Saturday night’s deadly shooting.

One woman screamed about white supremacists and journalist Andy Ngo.

VIDEO (language warning):

Antifa surrounded and followed Lt. Nathan Sheppard of the Portland Police after they shut down the press conference.


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