Steve Bannon: “Where’s Hunter Biden? Is Hunter Over There With his Business Partners? Is He with More Strippers? Is He Smoking More Crack?” (VIDEO)

Elections have consequences.

Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.

On Wednesday night Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the start of Russian military operations in Ukraine.

Russian forces attacked several cities and strategic sites across Ukraine.

On Thursday morning Steve Bannon was in rare form on The War Room.

Steve wondered out loud where Hunter Biden was as his buddies in Ukraine come under attack.
Hunter Biden was paid millions by Ukrainian officials in a famous Biden family pay-for-play scheme with then Vice President Joe Biden. This was all while Hunter was filming himself in orgies and smoking crack.

Bannon went off on the illegitimate regime this morning.

Steve Bannon: Is Hunter Biden over there today? Is Hunter Biden over there with his business partners? Is he sitting over there with the Ukraine flag? Where’s Hunter? Is he at his art gallery? Is he with more strippers? Is he smoking more crack? Don’t ask me, go to the laptop. Oh, that was Russian disinformation. Well, we proved that was a lie. Disgusting.

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