Patel Patriot explains DEVOLUTION, how Trump is still running things in US and will be restored to power

Patel Patriot, a proud conservative and ardent supporter of Donald Trump, introduced a scenario in which the former president is still running things in the United States – albeit in an advisory role.

It is called devolution, Patel Patriot said.

“It’s a continuity of government, a scenario. Back in the Cold War era, when Russia and the United States were going at it, there was a worry that what if Russians actually nuke the United States and our government? How would we move forward as a country if our government got taken out? And so they started putting into place the continuity of government plans, and one of those plans is a plan called devolution,” Patel Patriot explained during one of the latest episodes of “Brighteon Conversations” with the Health Ranger Mike Adams.

“President Trump actually devolved the government. And so he devolved his authority as president down to lower levels – groups and individuals kind of spread out across different geographical locations. But the way it works is, Trump actually isn’t president really. Neither is [Joe] Biden, because he wasn’t duly elected. Trump’s more of an advisor right now.”

Devolution is defined as the transfer of power from a central government to state or local authorities. “These are the ones running devolution and the continuity of government operation. Their focus is to maintain what is called our national essential functions,” noted Patel Patriot.

Birth of devolution theory

He shared with Adams how he came up with that possible scenario.

“I was very confident going into November 3 [2020 presidential election], that Trump was going to win. And it was obvious there is fraud. Fast forward to the 20th [Biden inauguration on January 20, 2021], I thought leading up to that Trump was going to make some sort of a move, [but] nothing happened,” Patel Patriot recalled. (Related: At this critical time, President Trump should take action.)

“He walked away. I mean, I was pretty devastated. You know, I was convinced he would win and stop Biden from taking office. After taking a couple months away from anything, I started to feel motivated to kind of figure out what happened. It was against Trump’s character for him to walk away. There had been something more going on behind the scenes.

“And that’s when I ended up stumbling across somebody else talking about this devolution theory on the small, obscure social media site. And he didn’t really go into detail. He was just kind of talking about it briefly and obscurely. And so I started digging it myself.

“And that’s when I realized that there was something here. So that’s [when] I started my articles, and I didn’t really know how big it would get, you know, I maybe had two or three articles in mind that I would write. And then I just kept finding more and kept writing.”

Rise of devolution theory

The theory that grew out of all of this work was devolution. And from its beginnings as a few posts on Substack, devolution has become a hit among Trump supporters. Patel Patriot had written many parts of it on Substack and had gathered over a hundred thousand followers on Telegram.

“Yeah, it’s been an interesting ride,” Patel Patriot told Adams.

When he emerged in July last year, Patel Patriot readily admitted that he had no qualifications or experience in untangling complex conspiracies. He was merely a “devastated” and “confused” Trump supporter unable to accept what the mainstream media was telling him.

Since then, Patel Patriot has become a star in the matter of stolen election, often doing dozens of interviews a week. He can frequently be found discussing devolution on the circuit of podcasts and live streams.

In November, Patel Patriot launched a devolution-themed radio show on conservative outlet KRTK. He also told Adams that devolution now has two episodes of Netflix-style documentary series.

Patel Patriot never advertised himself as an expert in the field of politics, but his Substack is full of comments praising his research skills and ability to put together strands of information. While the devolution theory seems like a longshot from reality, it highlights the desperation of Americans to have a leader other than the one currently occupying the White House.

Watch the video below with the Health Ranger Mike Adams and Patel Patriot discussing devolution.

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