Joe Rogan DESTROYS Bill Gates: ‘You’re Sick, You’ve Got Man Boobs, Stop Giving Health Advice’

Joe Rogan went fully automatic on Bill Gates on his podcast yesterday, slamming the Microsoft founder and self-appointed World Health Czar for “giving out health advice” when he’s sick, with “man boobs, a big gut” and “looks like shit.”

“He’s got these breasts and this gut… He has access to the best nutrients, an amazing trainer...” said Rogan.

You’re giving out health advice and you’re sick!” said Rogan.


Instead of following a healthy lifestyle, Gates is eating artificial meat, leading an unnatural lifestyle, and attempting to hijack the world’s health system.

Now Gates, with all his hubris, is trying to convince “rich nations” to shift entirely to fake meat.

However, as Unherd argues, Gates’ plan actually involves forcing the poor to eat lab-grown fake meat, while the rich are left to feast on pasture-fed natural meat:

Reading between these lines, it’s plausible that what we face isn’t moving away from the horrors of factory farming toward either lab-meat or regenerative agriculture. Rather, what we’ll see (like the restriction of aviation to the ultra-rich) is both, depending on social status.

“Vat-meat for the masses; and ethically raised, environmentally sustainable steak from the Bill Gates eco-pasturelands for those that can afford it.”

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