Jets Scrambled To Intercept Russian Bombers Approaching UK

On Wednesday the UK's military scrambled 'quick reaction' fighter jets to intercept a group of at least four Russian military aircraft heading toward Britain off the north of Scotland.

The British jets proceeded to shadow the Russian aircraft near the UK to prevent any breach of Britain's airspace. A Royal Air Force spokesperson described in a statement, "Quick Reaction Alert Typhoon fighters from RAF Lossiemouth, supported by a Voyager Tanker from RAF Brize Norton, have been launched against unidentified aircraft approaching the UK area of interest."

Illustrative image: AP

"We will not be offering any additional detail on this ongoing operation until complete," the RAF added.

UK media reports suggested that while such Russian military flights in the region are not uncommon, having occurred since the Cold War era, the military is in a heightened state of awareness given the current climate of ratcheting Russia-NATO tensions over Ukraine.

According to details in the BBC, the "recent incident included RAF Lossiemouth Typhoons intercepting two Russian Tu-142 Bear-F aircraft over the North Sea in March last year."

"Tu-142 aircraft are used for reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare," the report continues. "RAF Lossiemouth on Scotland's north east coast is a base for dedicated quick reaction alert pilots."

Air traffic monitors described that Russia on Wednesday may have sent 3 bombers total, with the support of 3 tankers and an A-50 AWACS aircraft in the vicinity of Scotland; however, these precise details remain unconfirmed by RAF officials.

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