"I Have Other Assets" - Texas Politician Poses Topless On Oil Well

An aspiring 37yo West Texas woman running for the Lone Star state's new railroad commissioner has launched one of the wildest campaign videos ever, according to Houston Chronicle

GOP lawyer Sarah Stogner published a five-second campaign video on TikTik on Super Bowl Sunday, featuring her semi-nude atop an oil pumpjack. 

"They said I needed money. I have other assets," Stogner, a mother of one, tweeted. 

"How am I supposed to get my platform in front of people without cash money?" Stogner asked a Twitter user who questioned her methods to gain attention.

Stogner has over 15 years of experience as an oil and gas attorney. She is trailing incumbent Wayne Christian, who has a $766,000 war chest. Even though she has limited funds, the video has gained her national attention. 

However, her critics came out of the woodwork:

One critic tweeted: "I'm confused. Are you running for political office, or auditioning to be a stripper?"

Another said: "Sad. Some people like to display their qualifications, but if this is all you have …"

After her video went viral, the San Antonio Express-News retracted its endorsement, calling her campaign ad video "disgraceful." 

"We review social media, and Stogner would never had been our pick had the video appeared before we made our recommendation," read an editorial. "It's painful to rescind a recommendation. But this is an opportunity to reaffirm our principles and expectations." 

Still, not everyone had been upset over the candidate: "Whatever you think of this ad, it's probably the most effective ad in politics. There are probably a few million people who never heard of her that have now heard of her. Publicity is the most important thing in elections."

Stogner said: "It feels very much like slut-shaming. We were just goofing off. We had the footage from last year, and I said 'I'm going to make my own Super Bowl commercial'. If I had gone off and shot machine guns and screamed about the border, they wouldn't have a problem with it."

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