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New York-based family physician Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko told “ReFounding America” host Dr. Peter Breggin that humanity is on the verge of global enslavement by the globalists.

“What we’re seeing is the coming together of global dominance under the control of a small group of sociopaths. So it’s not surprising what’s happening. And we are letting it happen. And this has been in the works for four decades so we are in the very verge of global enslavement unless people wake up and reach a higher level of consciousness and choose freedom they have gotten over sociopathic and corrupt governments,” Zelenko said during the February 16 episode of “ReFounding America” on Brighteon.TV. (Related: Peoples’ Court to prosecute WEF-controlled globalists who used the pandemic to commit crimes against humanity.)

Zelenko also said that the World Health Organization (WHO), which he also calls the World Homicide Organization, is working in collaboration with the United Nations (UN), and both are subservient to the World Economic Forum, which was founded by its executive chairman Klaus Schwab.

Schwab, who according to Zelenko is the Hitler of the present time, is the one dictating the orders in these organizations.

Schwab, China seek world domination

Zelenko noted that all the leaders supporting these tyrannical globalist initiatives are students of the Klaus Schwab Global Leadership School Class of 1992, the first class that graduated.

According to Zelenko, graduates of the said class include Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau of Canada, Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand, Scott Morrison of Australia and President Emmanuel Macron of France, among others.

“These people are prostitutes that sell themselves, sell their people out. They don’t serve the interests of their own constituents. They are serving the interests of the World Economic Forum and the powers behind the World Economic Forum. And so these are what you call global predators. The stated goal of the World Economic Forum by 2030 is that America will no longer be dominant. And a few global powers, which you can call global predators, will have governance over the world,” said the doctor who developed the now famous “Zelenko Protocol” that has saved countless lives worldwide from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Breggin said China is behind all the people in Schwab’s “school for global predators.” He added that the Chinese virtually control the WHO and the UN.

“So I think that this will eventually go down to world domination by a communist empire, the Chinese communist empire, which will be very difficult to dislodge over hundreds or thousands of years. That’s the potential end of this game for the time being as I see it,” warned Breggin.

Zelenko pointed out that China’s communist philosophy is based on a godless society.

“And so what we’re seeing is the result of a global decline of humanity’s consciousness where we’ve started worshipping the god of science, the god of technology, the god of money, the god of power, every god except our Creator. And so the end result of that is a slippery slope to idol worship, paganism and child sacrifice,” Zelenko said.

“And as you know the famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung said that the moral decline of a society begins with the degradation of the individual.”

Watch the full Feb. 16 episode of “ReFounding America” below. You can catch “ReFounding America” with Peter Breggin every Wednesday at 6-7 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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(Article by Kevin Hughes republished from citizens.news)

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