Clinton Crime Family In Crisis As Poll Reveals 66% of Dems Want Hillary Investigated For Spying

Liberals appear to be FINALLY waking up and smelling the coffee when it comes to the shameless exploits of the Clinton Crime Family.

A new poll has revealed that a stunning 66 percent of Democrats want to see a new investigation into Hillary Clinton’s role in spying on the Trump 2016 campaign, and the baseless charges of Russian collusion that followed his victory in the election.

The issue has come back to haunt Hillary following bombshell revelations from the Durham probe into the FBI’s investigation, which found that Clinton campaign operatives paid a tech company to “infiltrate” servers at Trump Towers and the White House, not only to allegedly spy on the Trump team and dig up dirt, but also with the intention to manufacture a “narrative” of Russian collusion.

Summit reports:

The poll, conducted by TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics reveals that almost three quarters of those polled who were following the story want prosecutors to investigate Hillary and members of her campaign team.

Those figures include two thirds of Democrats who were polled, twenty percent more than supported the move back in October. A total of 91 percent of Republicans want further investigation, with 65 percent of independents demanding a fresh probe.

The poll was even conducted before the very latest expositions, and so the figures are likely now even more damning for Clinton.

The same poll also found that 68 percent of respondents want to see more scrutiny of the Bidens’ business activities, including Hunter Biden’s involvement with his father’s administration.

A total of 71 percent of BOTH Democrats and Republicans said that they believe Biden family business should be kept separate from Biden administration activity.

When asked repeatedly about the unfolding scandal with Clinton, Biden’s deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer, stating “That’s something I can’t speak to from this podium so I refer you to the Department of Justice.”

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