Cancer patients who recovered but then got “vaccinated” for covid now seeing cancer return with a vengeance

All across the web, reports are emerging about how people who got “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are now either sick with new cancer or are suddenly out of remission if they already had cancer previously.

Something inside those chemical vials seems to be triggering the growth of new cancer cells or the reemergence of old ones, these reports suggest. Why else are people’s family members, friends, neighbors or they themselves experiencing a sudden onset of disease?

Ever since Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” were first introduced by Donald Trump under Operation Warp Speed, cancer rates have skyrocketed more than threefold, we now know.

“If I had a dollar for every person who has related a story about a friend whose cancer was in remission before the COVID jabs, then became uncontrollable shortly after the jab, I could retire,” writes Steve Kirsch on his Substack blog.

Kirsch spoke with health expert Ryan Cole, whom we previously reported has seen a 20-fold increase in cancers ever since Fauci Flu shots came to be.

How many more people need to get sick and die before these “vaccines” go away for good?

On February 5, Kirsch received two separate emails that he says are representative of the types of comments he receives all the time on his blog. One of them addressed numerous case studies about specific patients who had a massive progression in their cancers post-injection.

The other was from a woman who spoke personally about how two people she knows who got jabbed “now have a cancer that’s pretty serious.”

“I was talking to my doc yesterday and she said one of her patients was diagnosed on Monday and dead by Thursday last week,” this same woman wrote. “[S]he had no previous cancer.”

Another woman named Staci wrote in response to another of Kirsch’s articles that she knows “three people whose cancer was in remission, got the jab and their cancer came back with a vengeance.”

“Two now dead and the third back on systemic chemo,” Staci added. “I fear for my other friends with the BRCA gene.”

Numerous others on Twitter had similar stories to share, including another woman who said that several people she knows who were in remission before getting jabbed now have “an unrelated cancer” post-jab.

“Friend of friend was in remission then after vax developed a sudden cancer in her eye socket that doctors said was very rare,” this person added. “It spread quickly to the bone and blood.”

Another wrote that her grown sibling took all of the mandated injections for work and recently had a “benign neck tumor removed.”

“Not cancerous but no history of it prior either,” this person explained. “I would not be quick to state that jabs which greatly disable main DNA repair not likely to cause new cancers pple otherwise wouldn’t have.”

Another person explained that his mom developed cancer “completely out of the blue” after getting jabbed. From the moment it was discovered it was already stage 4, he says, and “coupled with a massive brain clot and stroke.”

Another wrote that his formerly cancer-free 85-year-old father got injected, and by October of last year had developed a softball-size tumor, which he had to get removed from his abdomen.

By December, the father had stage 4 liver and lung cancer and died about a month later.

“If you’ve recently been vaccinated and your previously under control cancer is now out-of-control, it is highly likely that the cause is that ‘safe and effective’ vaccine you took,” Kirsch says.

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