Biden Reminisces of the Good Ol’ Days in the Senate When a Senator Could have Lunch with a Segregationist (VIDEO)

This is quite the take.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Thursday morning delivered remarks at the 70th annual National Prayer Breakfast.

Biden encouraged members of Congress to get back to the good ol’ days and spend time getting to know each other outside of politics and put their differences aside.

And as an example of that, Joe Biden brought up two Democrat Senators from the past who would have lunch together despite their disagreements: a murderer and a segregationist.

“You know, when you know one another, when you know, and no matter how badly you disagree – people think that in the days that’s divided here, we had a lot of flat out old segregationists still in our caucus,” Biden said. “Teddy Kennedy (murderer) would argue like hell with Jim Eastland (segregationist) and they’d go sit down and have lunch. Didn’t agree with one another, but they treated one another with respect.”

In 1977, Joe Biden said mandatory busing to integrate schools would create a “racial jungle” and became the Democrat party’s “leading anti-busing crusader.”


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