Katy Perry Pops Out of Giant Toilet, Gushes Over Talking Face Mask in Las Vegas Performance (VIDEO)

Katy Perry iššoko iš milžiniško tualeto ir per Las Vegaso spektaklį nušlifuoja kalbančią veido kaukę (VIDEO)

Hollywood is a sewer. Literally.

Pop singer Katy Perry popped out of a giant toilet this week during her debut “Play” performance in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About 15 minutes into Perry’s performance, she emerged from a giant red toilet, climbed down a toilet paper display and made her way across the stage.



Katy Perry also worshipped a giant talking face mask to show her allegiance to the ChiComs.

“Oh, hey Mr. Masky! Geez Louise! Look around! This place stinks, huh?” Katy Perry said.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, I don’t smell,” the mask replied.

I know you’re a really big deal — I mean, I don’t want to say it out loud, but maybe you’re, like, more famous than me now,” Perry said.


(Article by Cristina Laila republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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