Croatian MEP Slams French President Over His Vaccine Mandate ‘Death Penalty’

Mislav Kolakušić, a Croatian Member of the European Parliament has publicly blasted French President Emmanuel Macron over his vaccine rules.

At a meeting of the European Parliament last week, the Croatian MEP directly confronted Macron over his draconian vaccine mandate which he likened to the ‘Death Penalty’

In his speech Kolakušić, who previously served as a judge at the Zagreb Commercial Court, said:

“Honorable president and colleguages, dear citizens of the European union.

President Macron, considering the many restrictions of citizen’s rights and freedoms in France during the pandemic, I ask you only one thing: while presiding over the EU, why are you doing the exact opposite of what you are doing in France?

On the other hand, today you said you are proud that there is no death penalty in Europe. Tens of thousands of citizens have died due to vaccine side-effects. Mandatory vaccines represent a death penalty and an execution for many citizens.

That has to remain a choice for every citizen!Murder is murder, those of you who don’t know that and have not educated yourselves, take a look at the the official data from the European Health Organisation .Thankyou.”

Kolakušić’ made his remarks following Macron’s recent announcement declaring that he wanted to ‘piss off the unvaccinated’ in France as part of his ‘strategy’ to fight the virus.

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